Summary of Reading

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In “My Secret Place,” Jessie describes her journey to the shorewhere she used to go while she was young. She has visited thislocation because she is sad and mourning and she needs to get some ofthe ocean’s strength. It is evident from the reading the Jessie islonely, and she has undergone some loss. She compares her lonelinessto the ocean’s tides and the empty beach. She sits at the jettybetween two rocks that shield her from the strong winds. Whilesitting between the two rocks, Jessie is thinking deeply andhypnotized the movement of the waves and saw images being formed inthe foam. The silence of the ocean beach brings back memories to theauthor, and it is during this time she realized it was getting late,and the tides were starting to rise.

The actual theme of the story is known when Jessie attempts to lookat her watch only to find that it was not working. The watch remindsher of a person she loves and whom she has lost. The presence of apatrol car on the beach does not scare her, and she waves to send amessage that she is okay. Towards the end of the reading, the authorasserts that she hopes she has gained enough strength to attend theburial.

The purpose of the author in writing this piece was to express heremotions and feelings of love towards the dead person. Further,through writing this piece, the author felt relieved and gainedenough courage and strength to attend the burial. It is alsoplausible to say that the author came into reality with the departureof the dead through writing this piece. She also sought to visit asecret place that she always visited as a child. By doing, sheconnected and associated her loneliness with the ocean and the beach.