Summary You Know Him by His Labor, But Not His Face

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Summary:You Know Him by His Labor, But Not His Face

Youknow him by his labor, but not his face. Ideally, the piece presentsthe life of immigrants who move to other countries with the hope ofmaking a living. They believe that the United States of America has alot of work opportunities and the pay is considerably good whencompared to their mother countries.

  1. All they want is to work regardless of the type of work that they will get. However, on reaching, they meet both good people and bad ones. However, the majority of them are selfish, and he finds some of the businesses dirty. They have to put on one cloth regardless of the occasion and the place (Gilb 99).

  2. They can do all types of work ranging from sweeping the sawdust and to scrubbing the floors. Besides, they also push the wheelbarrow do the digging of the plumbing trenches and lifts beams for them to be set high.

  3. Unfortunately, they cannot say no. They are always grateful for anything they are offered because when such people look back where they came from the situation is much worse (Gilb 99). They understand and accept the fact that they are not special. They are aware that they millions of people around the globe that are just like him.

  4. They wish to own the luxuries of the world, but they cannot afford.The only home they know is where they work. They leave in what were initially the first cities that are ruins today. Every day, they work tirelessly with the hope of amassing wealth. To sustain the families and the relatives they left behind.

Unfortunately,even though they make efforts daily, no one takes note of them, butrather their labor.


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