Systems Feedback Loop

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SystemsFeedback Loop


Thecurrent paper seeks to show that the fishing business depends upon abalancing feedback loop of renewed fish population.

SupportingArgument 1

Fishhas become one of the main diets in many parts of the world. As aresult, people have perfected the art of fishing. All sizes of fishesare caught the process. That makes the reproduction of the fishdifficult. Their numbers are getting really small both in the lakesand other marine bodies. Due to such a problem, it is necessary tohave a way of ensuring that the numbers are allowed time to replenishagain. If such a step is not taken, then some species of the fishwill become extinct. Balancing the feedback loop will involve theinvolvement of other types of food in the diet (Sterman 26). One ofthe reasons why fish is consumed in large numbers is that it istouted as white meat, which had health benefits. Developingalternative sources of white is one of the sure ways of feedbackloop. People will have alternative sources of white meat such aspork, which will reduce the demand for the fish. While there willstill be consumption of fish and fish products, the demand will havecome down (Sterman 27). The numbers will replenish as the fishingactivities reduce due to the low demand.

SupportingArgument II

Asignificant number of fish caught come from the wild. That means thatthey are caught either in natural seas or lakes. The World HealthOrganization states that in 2014, 94.3 million tons of fish wascaught in natural waters. The numbers continue to rise every year.The over-reliance of natural waters as a source of fish for food isquickly depleting their numbers in the waters. At the same time,there is little control of the size of fish, which get caught in thehigh seas (Sterman 31). Therefore, there is the catching of the largeand small alike. As a way of systems loop feedback, there can beheavy investment in fish farming. Establishing of fish farms and thedevelopment of cheap means to rear them will have a feedback loop onthe source of the natural means. The fishermen will face stiffcompetition from the fish farmers. The result will be a drop in theprices of fish and their product. Moreover, part of the investmentwill be on cheap production means. The intention will be the creationof price wars among the fishermen and the farmers. Once the pricesget down, fishing will no longer be a very profitable venture. Thenumber of people fishing in natural waters will reduce drastically.The remaining fishermen will have no choice but to use the means,which are sustainable. On the other hand, the farmers will have themeans to control their numbers.&nbsp


Fishis one of the main sources of animal protein in the world.Unfortunately, there is over-reliance on wild waters for the fish.That has led to the situation where the numbers are getting toalarming levels. There are many proposals as to how there can besustainability. One of the ways is establishing a system feedbackloop. The model has other means of animal protein to compete againstfish. There is also the use of introduction of alternative sources offish, especially fish farming, which brings down the prices of fishand thus the feedback loop.


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