Techniques of Creating Realism in My Antonia

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Techniquesof Creating Realism in My Antonia

Willa Cather’s MyAntonia, realism is one of the most notable elements of thenovel. The plot development incorporates objective approach throughthe incorporation of immigrants and different cultures. The techniquethat has been used in introducing realism to the plot is theportrayal of Antonia and her family who are Bohemian immigrants.Cather vividly describes how Antonia and her family do thingsdifferently and introduces a cultural barrier between Antonia’sfamily and other members of the society. The cultural barrierintroduced by the author results with the growth of the maincharacter (Cather 52). This is aligned with the literature trend ofthe time where most writers incorporated the concept of immigrantsand cross-cultural reference owing to the fact that the country wasreceiving many immigrants during that time. Immigrants brought aboutcultural and social change and for the writers to be realistic aboutthe American society, it was imperative to include aspects ofimmigrants and different cultures.

Regionalism is alsohighly featured in the novel by evincing characteristics of differentworldviews. The novel has highlighted the regions of Midwest andGreat Plains. In order to efficiently emphasize the theme ofregionalism, Cather has contrasted the worldviews of the pioneers andthe homesteaders. Through incorporation of regionalism, the novelalso highlights naturalism through depicting the lives of thecharacters in an objective manner just like science would present thepeople of that era. This has been achieved by the incorporation ofliteral elements of class and gender where the author hasmeticulously and accurately given the details of the socialrelationships between gender and class in their natural setting.Cather also criticizes the prevalent social norms of the time. Thisis most notable when that author describes how the society treatedAntonia after she became pregnant.

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