Technologies Investment in MilleniAds Company

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TechnologiesInvestment in MilleniAds Company

Thegrowth of technology has fostered flexibility in the workplaceenabling employees to work from different locations. However, inorder to promote flexibility and high performance in theorganization, the management should select the right type oftechnologies (Seo par. 1). This paper examines the best hardware,software, networking and other computer technologies that should beadopted by the management of MilleniAds Advertising Company.


MilleniAdsis a small advertising company operating under a constrained ITbudget of approximately $25,000. Most of the employees aremillennial generations demanding for flexibility in the workplace inaddition to having latest technologies to improve their workperformance. The company involves making of flyers, brochures a fieldthat mostly targets millennial demographics. The company is seekingto invest in the best technologies that will help improve flexibilityand improve the sharing of information.


Withchanges in technological devices, the management should invest inhardware that has modern features such as small size, fast and lightenough to carry out. Currently, MilleniAds is using desktop making itdifficult for employees to move around with thus preferring to usetheir laptops. The company should replace the desktops with laptops,investing in new internet connection and other software systems thatallow for engagement of employees. The company should invest inhardware that matches with the operations of the business(Weerasuriyaand Wijayanayake161).

HardwareComponents: Compare and Contrast

MilleniAdsis majorly composed of young staffs who want to work at theircomfort. Cloud computing allows for a fast connection betweendifferent people regardless of the geographical location. Inembracing cloud computing, the management should embrace new securitymeasures that will prevent the information of the organization frombeing shared with unauthorized people. Cloud computing does not onlyimprove flexibility and accessibility, but it is also acost-effective strategy of boosting performance especially in a smallbusiness such as MilleniAds (Seopar. 4).MilleniAds Company should invest in both primary and secondaryhardware depending on the requirement by the employees. The companyshould invest in a Central Processing Unit to examine the processtackiness place in the organization.

HardwareComponents: Recommendations

Alongwith the growth in technology comes the issue of cyber security.Establishing security of the system helps mitigate the risk ofleaking information. The management of MilleniAds should invest in asecurity system that only allows the member of the organization toaccess the information. In order to monitor the system, the CEOshould have a central place of controlling the infrastructure.According to Weerasuriand Wijayanayakehaving a central controlling location allows for fast detectionproblems thus preventing damages on time (159). Because it is a smallbusiness, the management should consider an affordable securitysystem that is simple to manage. This will help the performance ofthe business in addition to reducing the cost incurred in running theIT infrastructure.


Themanagement of MilleniAds Company should invest in hardware andsoftware system with features that suit the need of millennialemployees. These features include computer and mobile devices withfast speed and light to move around with and having a connection thatallows for fast connection with other members of the organization.However, because of the risks that come with investing in cloudcomputing, the management should invest in a security system thatwill prevent the information of the organization from being accessedby unauthorized persons.


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