Technology Innovation and Health

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TechnologyInnovation and Health

TechnologyInnovation and Health

Cellphones’ evolution to smartphones and other pocket devices hascreated a revolution on the daily activities of the people. However,individuals have not realized the health effects of the use of therapid advancements and rather, disregard the reality(Massey,G. 2016).One health effect is the reduced physical activity, an example beingthat children no longer play outdoors. Also, people use deliveryservices to obtain goods and services instead of walking to storesand shops resulting in degrading health effects.

Thepsychology of humans is complicated and tends to revert theinevitable reality of outcomes that are negative. It is becausepeople tend to focus on the positive and forget the negative effects.The reality is that cell phones produce radiation waves that resultin the creation of cancerous cells (Massey,G. 2016).Advancements also include the health sector and it is key forscientists to dwell more on ensuring devices do not affect health.


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