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Asindicated by Tech50 (2017), technology is a rapidly growing industry,and it has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Through varioustechnological innovations, more and more companies have been able toincrease their levels of production, and people’s lives haveconsiderably improved through communication and social networking.The essay seeks to provide a positive response to my classmate’spost on technological innovation and change.

Kyra,I agree and support your argument that technology is like a societythat is constantly evolving. Over the years, several changes havetaken place in this industry. In this case, technology has come along way from the era of the printing press and first cellular phoneto computers and other advanced electronic gadgets (Tech50. Org,2017). For one to keep up with these advancements, it is vital forthem to be observant and seek to update themselves on any changestaking place in the technological world. Through that, people will beaware of what is happening in their surrounding environment.Similarly, the changes help people to gain more knowledgesubsequently transforming their lives and that of the entire society.

Itis also true that innovations in technology will lead to thedevelopment of advanced machines which will help people to carry outtheir day to day activities. Nonetheless, these changes are likely tocause more job losses. According to Tech50 (2017), Robots andArtificial Intelligence will even become more widespread with thegrowth of technology. As a result, some jobs previously done by humanbeings will be executed by machines. In spite of the job losses,people can be given the role of overseeing the activities or tasksdone by those machines or robots.

Asit has been established, technology has consistently experiencedtremendous growth, and the same trend is expected to continue even inthe future. Technological innovations empower people with knowledgethat is used to improve their lives and the society as a whole. Onthe other hand, technology is also associated with job losses.Nonetheless, human beings can be hired to supervise those machines.

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