The American Declaration of Independence

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TheAmerican Declaration of Independence

In1776, 4th of July, America got its independence from King George IIIof England. The Declaration of Independence is significant to the U.Sas it provided the foundation for the revolution in the country,human rights, and national sovereignty. It also highlights grievancesthat American colonialists had against the British government. Thepurpose of this paper is to discuss the American Declaration ofIndependence.

TheDeclaration of Independence made it possible for America to revoltagainst a government that did not guarantee natural rights. Itincreased foreign assistance from countries such as France,highlighted the ideals of liberty and equality, and finally gaveAmerica the right to go to war against England in the pursuit offreedom. England had previously passed the extreme acts that hoped togive it autonomy over the thirteen colonies. The enacted lawsincluded the Tea Act, Quartering Act, and Stamp Act among others. Itlimited the colonies from being self-sufficient by requiring them tosend all revenues collected back to England. These grievancescontributed to the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1775 andincreased tensions between colonialists and British authorities(Tindall and Shi 54). The colonies criticized the raising of revenueby the British government through taxing, the lack of representationin the British parliament and argued that some of their traditionalrights were being violated as Englishmen.

ThomasJefferson and the other leaders were influenced by the Enlightenmentmovement to draft a Declaration of Independence. It advocated forliberty and equality which were considered as natural human rightsthat everyone deserved (Jayne 175). It advocated for American freedomand the abolition of slavery, which were ideas perceived byJefferson. The colonial Americans stated that they had been deniedfundamental rights by King George III. The Declaration ofIndependence presented the desires of all Americans to be free sayingthat all men are created equal. They longed for a parliament thatrespected the rights and freedoms of everyone. It is here thatJefferson announced the creation of an American nation, presentingAmericans as self-governing individuals (Tindall and Shi 186).

Inconclusion, the American Declaration of Independence was essential asit led to the possibility of all the thirteen colonies beingliberated from British rule. It offered a foundation for liberty forfuture generations. It was a well-written document that realizedrights and freedoms for all and remains relevant to the history ofthe United States.


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