The American Revolution

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TheAmerican Revolution

TheAmerican Revolution

Reasonsfor Choosing the Topic

Thetopic of American Revolution is quite interesting. It explains thereason behind the present day America that is a united and anindependent nation. This was achieved as colonists came out to fightfor their rights that were not respected and to oppose the governmentofficials who were very corrupt and misguided. The principlesemployed then to attain independence are well explained in thistopic. In present day, the story is revisited to draw inspiration andguidance on how to deal with a situation based on how the founders ofAmerica did back in the day. The topic is like a benchmark, peoplealways go back to find out what principles were applied in a givencircumstance (Carr, 2014).

AmericanRevolution fueled the western nations to be bold enough to fight fortheir natural rights. The triumph in particular gave other nationsstrength and challenged them to stand up for what they believed in.Giving in to oppression was not an option after American colonies setthemselves free from the British. The people of the American societywere liberal even before independence. However, the revolutioncontributed to making them more rational and opened their mindsfurther. It was refreshing for the citizens of America to get rid ofthe old system of governance and build a new one. Freedom was now attheir disposal to try out whatever they thought right. With UnitedStates of America becoming a new nation after revolution, theinfluence was spread to other countries across the world in theirsearch for democracy. It also made the ruling leaders and kingsimprove their administration to ensure they delivered to theirpeople.

Importanceof Learning about the Topic

Thehistory of American Revolution should be taught in schools. Learningit acts like a mirror. It shows what America was before and comparesto what it is presently. It is a constant reminder that things werenot the way they are now. Some people had to suffer and others had topersevere. The brave ones took action to end the oppression by theBritish. It also highlights the values and principles that played arole in transforming the nation to what it is. Looking back helpspeople to make an evaluation of the present state and makeimprovement to ensure they remain on course and that they are notlost in the moment forgetting where they have come from and theeffort it has taken. Through studying history, there is clarity inwho we are and who we should be (Lancaster et al., 2012).

Therevolution is what eventually led to the birth of a nation. Learningabout it helps us appreciate our identity and the ideals that ourcountry is built on. It informs us of the basis of democracy in ourcountry and in the world as most of the ideas used that led to asuccessful revolution were suggested by philosophers. Other nationsapplied and still apply those ideas to attain their independence. Itis also encouraging to learn that the fight for freedom was notexclusive to the United States it has been a fight for all nations(Morton, 2013).

Connectionbetween the Topic and the World Today

AmericanRevolution is very relevant and connected to present day happenings.When the colonists felt that they were under the rule of anoppressive government, they developed a strategy of how to deal withthe situation and claim for their rights. This is closely connectedto what has been happening all over the world. Women and youth haveexperienced exclusion in leadership roles and other opportunities.They have acknowledged it as their right and have come up with theaffirmative action campaign. They believe it is their right to haveequal opportunities. This has earned them opportunities previouslybelieved for the men. They now have an equal chance ofrepresentation. Values, strength and determination to fight may havebeen acquired from lessons learnt during the revolution and thefruits it yielded.

Hadthe American colonists remained complacent with the state of affairs,they would not have fought for change and America would not beindependent and the great nation it is today. There is something toborrow from and apply it in modern day related to governance. To winthe fight for democracy, it is important to bring all the resourcestogether and work as a unit. Employing the same strategy over andover doesn’t work a change has to be made if we are to expectbetter results. This is applicable today in the system of governancewhich has continued to use the same approach for a long time with noresults. Making a resolution to try out something new may deliverbetter results to the citizens of a country. People need to changetheir perspectives of life. We need people who will fight for whatthey believe is right no matter what it takes. This is the only wayto ensure that there is improvement and that people do not just sitcomplaining about how bad the situation is but do nothing.


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