The Amish community

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TheAmish community



TheAmish Community

TheAmish community who have settled in in the state of Ohio in the USsince their arrival from Pennsylvania in 1808, basically exists infive sub-communities in the state of Ohio. These five major Amishsub-communities are Holmes County, Geauga County, swatzentruber,Nebraska Amish and the other small communities spread across thestate of Ohio. The Amish people stays in individual settlements whichare spread across the counties ( Within thestate of Ohio, the Amish are involved in different economicactivities such as farming, business activities, and others arelaborers (Li,et al, 2011). still holds onto their traditionalpractices as they believe that embracing the modern technology candrag them away from their religious faith. The Amish people give toppriority to their faith followed by their farms, this is becauseagriculture is taken as the main source of livelihood and thereforemost of these individuals work very hard in their farms. Theyliterary interpret the bible and follows its commands as they are,this is because they believe in keeping themselves pure from sins anddisobedience to God (Li,et al, 2011). Socialization is an important aspect within the societyand this is founded on a strong community spirit where all of themassist one another in times of need. This explains why they haveco-existed peacefully over the years (Schriver,2011). They are also private people and avoid interacting with thepeople outside their community as a way of preventing deviated fromtheir faith. The Amish do not allow intermarriages outside theircommunity (

Theyhave a strong religious foundation that is kept intact in thecommunity. They worship on every Sunday in their local churches, theyalso meet once every week in one of their members’ home forprayers. The Amish also organizes annual for celebrations to certainevents within their faith e.g. charismas (Schriver,2011). They also avoid owning or using utilities such as automobiles,phones and television as they believe they can connect them to thesinful world, instead the keep to their traditional ways of usinghorses. It is because of the Amish conservativeness that many touristfrom all over the world travel to Ohio to witness their cultures.

TheAmish community dissociates from their neighboring communities by thekind of practices that they uphold. Firstly, they educate theirchildren in one room houses to the eighth grade( They also avoid the modern clothingstyles and instead keep to their own dressing codes as a way ofportraying their humility, separation from the rest of the world, andacts as a sign of their faith (Schriver,2011). The Amish believe that their humility separates them from therest of the world which is full of sins.

Communityproblem analysis

Themajor problem that is currently faced by the Amish community in thestate of Ohio, is that most of the members from the community aresuffering from the genetic disorders. This is because they have gotlimited blood pool as they don’t allow for intermarriages with theoutside communities (Li,et al, 2011). The reason why the Amish are mostly private people isbecause they believe that by interacting with the other communitiesthey can be influenced into committing sins which is opposed to theirreligious doctrines. The community has remained closed for abouttwelve generations and hence bringing together several geneticdisorders from the older generations into the community throughgenetic inheritance. Some of these genetic mutations are dwarfism,metabolic disorders, and mental retardation. The Amish are unwillingto intermarry with the outside communities which could have helpedthem to vary the genes and thus reducing the possibility of theirchildren’s being victims of the same disorders.

Asa result of the genetic disorders among the Amish, several familieshave lost their beloved ones to the fatal genetic diseases such asmuscular dystrophy. The constant deaths resulting from these diseaseshave also caused tremendous reduction in the population of the Amish.It has also weighed down their economic power as a large number ofsick individuals become dependents to the healthy people (Liedtka,1996). This has majorly been a challenge since most of the Amish arepeasant farmers and laborers meaning they get very low incomes. Thehigh dependency ratio among the Amish as caused by the presence ofgenetic disorders has therefore subjected many of them to extremepoverty.

Severalbodies and individuals within the American society have stepped upfor the aid of the Amish community, with the aim of eradicating thedisease and to free them from the unending sufferings. Among them isDr. Holmes Morton who founded a clinic at Strasburg, in LancasterCounty called the clinic for the special children? In this clinic, hecharges very small fees to the patients. Various researchers’ havealso carried out studies to establish the turbulent cause of thegenetic disorders prevalent within the Amish community (White, et al,2013). also raises majority of the funds used torun the hospital at Strasburg through fundraisings from the church.The given effort is therefore intended at helping the Amish communityto control the diseases. The Amish also allowed intermarriages withthe people who are joining their faith, this is aimed at helping toalleviate the disorders through variation of the genes. The Ohiostate university, Richard G. Solove research institute and ArthurJames cancer hospital are among the many organizations that havelaunched a serious study to find the solution to some of the geneticdiseases that have affected the health of most of the Amish people(

Asa means of saving their community from the apathy of geneticdiseases, many of the Amish actively participate in church aid andacquire informal self-insurance plans as a means of helping theirfellows who are not able to raise hospital bills. By the year 1990many of the American hospitals were carrying out different outreachprograms to help the Amish community treat the diseases (Liedtka,1996). The clinic for special children in Strasbourg has beencarrying out a mission of finding the most effective treatment forsome of the fatal diseases affecting the Amish children. By beinglocated within the community, it has relieved women the burden ofgoing to distant places in search of medical treatment for theirchildren (

Insummation, the Amish community is among the most conservativeCommunities in the world who are still holding onto their traditions.To the Amish, their religion marks their top most priority and thatexplains why they have been alienated from the rest of the world.They also believe in socialization and assist one another in times ofneed. One of the major setback to the Amish community faces is theprevalence of the genetic disorders which has been propagated by thecommunity’s intermarriages. However, there are many groups in theUS which have emerged to help the Amish in eradicating the diseases(


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