The Battles of Lexington and Concord

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TheBattles of Lexington and Concord

TheBattles of Lexington and Concord


Basingon account of Patriot Colonel Isaac Merill, the British soldier firstfired the first shot. The argument of Colonel Isaac Merill isillustrated in his orders to Captain John Currier where the colonelsaid that British soldiers proceeded to Concord to kill and destroyboth interest and men of American patriots (Santis, 2015). Throughhis orders, the Colonel revenge whereby 273 British soldiers and 93American patriots were seriously injured, but 700 British soldierswere killed.

Onaccount of Ezekiel Russell, it is the British soldier that firstfired the first shot because as an American printer fromMassachusetts where the parliament had declared as a state ofrebellion, he produced news that read “BloodButchery by the British Troops.”From the headline, it is clear that Ezekiel Russell was implying thatit is the British soldiers who took the war to American patriots inConcord.

Thetwo accounts measure up to each other as they support each other inidentifying who exactly fired the first shot when it is unclear toother people as to who exactly started the battle. The two accountsalso acted as an indirect incitement for American patriots toretaliate since the Lexington engagement had left eight of Americanpatriots dead. American patriots counter-attacked British soldiersimmediately patriot Colonel Isaac Merrill sent orders to Captain JohnCurrier, and by the end of April 19, the British army had suffered273 casualties (Santis, 2015). On the same note, accounts of bothRussell and Merill in regards to who first fired the first shot wasan indirect call by the two people to American patriots to fight backand free themselves from the involvement of the British in mattersthat had to do with American affairs. The future freedom that wasbeing called for was to signify and justify the greatness of theAmerican commonwealth.


Thereare some significant differences between Russell and Merrill accountsof the battle according to the American perspective. First, Merillaccount was true and to the point as it talked about how Britishsoldiers had killed American soldiers and their interest. The accountalso incited retaliation of American patriots to seriously injure andkill 700 British soldiers.

Onthe other hand, Russell’s account pleased Americans as well as madethem angry since the pleasing part is the headline of account thatread “BloodButchery by the British Troops.” Thisheading supported Americans to argue that it was the British armythat fired the first shot (Santis, 2015). Nonetheless, the account ofRussell angers Americans when it recounts on how American patriotshad scalped British soldiers including both the dying and dead. Thisimplies that the difference between the two accounts rose whenRussell’s account supported British soldiers by disclosing howAmerican patriots scalped them.

Americansand British who wrote the documents viewed each other as enemiessince each writer wanted to justify that their army did not fire thefirst just, but was rather attacked. For example, the headline of theaccount of Russell could have pleased Merill, but once it recountedon how American soldiers retaliated and killed 700 British soldiers,Merill viewed Russell as his enemy (Santis, 2015). Mainly, theaccount of Russell aimed at exposing American patriots when theyretaliated after British soldiers fired the first shot at the timethey were sent to capture as well as destroy supplies and arms storedby American patriots in Concord.


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