The City of Ember Movie and Novel Comparison

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TheCity of Ember: Movie and Novel Comparison

TheCity of Ember: Movie and Novel Comparison

Inthe society, various stories have been transformed and slightlyaltered to form their movie versions which replicate some of theevents in the book (Bohnenkamp, Knapp, Hennig-Thurau &amp Schauerte,2015). TheCity of Emberis a good example of a story which appears in both a novel and in afilm version. Just to mention, the book was written by Jeanne DuPrauwhereas Gil Kenan directed the movie. Both versions are fascinating,and they have been able to attract different audiences all over theglobe. Nevertheless, in as much as they both have a common storylineand theme, there exist some similarities and difference between thenovel and the movie.


Boththe novel and movie are structured based on a disaster which hadforced the ancient architects and engineers to construct anunderground habitat to protect people from the odd circumstances. Inboth stories, Lina and Doon are the protagonists who try to escapefrom the dark city irrespective of the challenges that theyencounter. A typical incident that occurred as they tried to escapewas the blackout. There was a blackout because the generators whichhad served the people for a long period had become dilapidated(Liang, Xu, Cheng, Min &amp Lu, 2013). Additionally, the behaviorsand the nature of the two main characters, Lina and Doon, are verysimilar in both the movie and in the novel. For example, Doon isperceived to be a very honest and a straight forward individual inboth the film and book.

Anothersimilarity is exposed through their personal interests. The twocharacters exchange the roles of work assigned to them because theyhad different dreams in life. Lina, who was assigned the task to workas a pipe laborer is not contented with her new role. Conversely,Doon who dreams of working in the electric department grabs theopportunity to exchange positions with Lina. He had initially beenassigned the role of a messenger which was what Lina was dreaming ofbecoming (DuPrau, 2013). It would be valuable to note that the twoprotagonists were determined to escape from the city of Ember in bothstories. The fact that the two protagonists were willing to save theother occupants of the dark city reveals the desire of the people tovacate the Cityof Ember.


Althoughthere are many similarities between theCity of Emberbook and film, some slightvariations of the two pieces of work also exist. To begin with, Linabehaves awkwardly whenever she is close to Doon in the novel. Sheremains silent in many occasions, whereas in the movie she feelscomfortable around Doon (Amelian. p).The book is more detailed as compared to the film where most partshave been shortened to break down the story into a shorter version.

Aclear difference can also be noted as they escaped from theCity of Ember.In the book, it was Doon who accidently found the mayor at the pipework site, but, they both found him at that location in the movie(Amelia n. p). Furthermore, the manner in which they got out fromEmber is very different in the two stories.


TheCity of Emberdeserves the praise directed upon it by all those who have eitherwatched the movie or read the book. It can be proclaimed that boththe author of the novel and the director of the screenplay werededicated to their work. However, according to Liang et al. 2013),the fact that the book is more detailed as compared to the moviemakes it the better version of the story.


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