The Constitution

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Reasonsfor Choosing the Topic

Thetopic is quite significant to the citizens of a country. Anexplanation is given of how a country was before and how thingsworked to have the first constitution. The constitution is like amini god here on earth. It outlines the basic laws that people mustfollow. It contains the rights and freedoms of each individual thatmust be respected. The powers and freedoms of the system ofgovernance are outlined therein and make it answerable to itscitizens as well as balancing the freedoms of both parties. It is atopic that shows how powerful the citizens of a country are. Theygive power to the government and it is in turn responsible forprotecting the individual rights of the people and serving them(Amar, 2015).

Italso acts as a guiding principle in most situations by outlining thebasic principles to be observed and procedures to be followed. Thedecision of how to implement them is left for the public. Theconstitution plays the role of unifying people not only in thepresent times but across generations by governing how individualsrelate with one another (Adams, 2014).

Importanceof Learning about the Topic

Thetopic informs us as citizens of a country, how the governmentfunctions. It outlines our obligation to the government as well asthe responsibilities of the government to its citizens. Withoutstudying this we would not be aware of our rights and the principlesguiding the relations among people. It was created for the people,thus it is crucial for them to have full understanding of itscontents. Future generations are dependent on our ability to learnabout the constitution, make correct interpretations and implement itin the right manner. If we do not understand how it operates, therewill be no one to learn from and it will be as good as void.

Itprepares citizens to defend and fight for their rights. However, itis not possible to defend something that we are not aware of.Equipping ourselves with knowledge is thus important to ensure thatwe know when we are being violated (Amar, 2015). A constitution isknown to be the Supreme law of the land. It deserves to be respectedand followed to the letter hence studying it is inevitable else wefind ourselves clashing and in the hands of the government (Tushnet,2012).

Thefounders of the Constitution had the intention of improving the wayof life and protecting people against any form of oppression. Theyintended that we learn it so that we know when our rights are beinginfringed on and stand up to claim for what we deserve. It istherefore our responsibility to keep this by studying theconstitution. It represents the roots of a country and states thelaws of operation. For us to be active agents in advocating forchange to adapt to the changing circumstances, it is important tounderstand the constitution to come up with solutions that willpropel the progress of our country.

Americancolonists made bold step and sacrificed their lives to fight for theindependence of the country through the revolution. They triumphedand the result was a new nation with freedom. To maintain this newnation and to learn how to operate, it is important to study theconstitution which gives guidelines on how to go about it. Otherwiserunning the nation without this knowledge would be a mission infutility. It is the responsibility of the people to protect thedemocracy of their government. This is possible by championing forthe rights and freedoms outlined in the constitution. They have thepowers placed in their hands to steer the system of governance inwhichever direction that they deem fit (Adams, 2014).

Connectionbetween the Topic and the World Today

Thetopic is relevant up to date and will be applicable even for futuregenerations. An understanding of the justice system is obtainedthrough studying this topic (Tushnet, 2012). For instance, it iscommon practice to for issues of theft to be reported. When someonetakes any of your belongings without permission and fails to returnthem, knowledge of the constitution comes in handy. One is able toknow how to report the person and the legal procedures to befollowed. It also makes one aware of the specific rights which havebeen violated and what the constitution provides as remedy for such.Even before the court proceedings begin, already one knows what islikely to be the outcome of the case.

Knowledgeof the constitution is also applicable today when we want to makereforms to certain laws that are not very agreeable on. This has beenwitnessed in our parliaments where members draft amendments to bemade to certain laws in order to make them more satisfactory andacceptable by many. However this can only be possible when one has anunderstanding of the laws and is able to interpret them correctly.Only then can one be able to suggest changes to be made to polish upthe existing laws.


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