The Day at the Beach

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TheDay at the Beach

TheDay at the Beach

Itwas my first day at Los Angeles as I visited my friends. The day washot and tyrannical hence I thought it was the best moment to visitthe beach. I asked my friends to accompany me to which they loved theidea. As we were on our way to the Hermosa Beach, LA, I could viewthe blistering sun in the sky. I could feel the progressive open-airtemperature beginning to thrust down. At the same time, the trafficalley was commencing to narrow, which indicated a close presence ofthe beach. Firstly, we drove to the parking spot where we left thecar with our swimming gear. While walking across the black pavement,I could feel the exuded heat from the sun. I felt alive and a senseof belonging, especially because swimming is my hobby. Although thereare multiple ways of spending a day, visiting Hermosa Beach gave mean experience of peace, friendship, and fun.

Aswe were walking towards the beach, I could see the water. It was richmysterious blue in color. Its appearance made me feel overwhelmed. Assoon as we were out of the asphalt, I stepped on the silt sand, whichI could feel burning my feet from the inside. I could hear as well asfeel the colliding sound waves. I felt the glooming of the serene seabreeze, which held to a certain pattern, hence creating an attractiverhythm. Clearly, as I looked around, the beach was swarming withpeople with all kinds of interests. To my experience, people feltpeace at the beach. I could that by the happiness in their eyes(Botero et al. 2013).

Meanwhile,on my right side, I could see people lying down on varying beachtowels. Some had pink, yellow, white and even orange towels. Toensure they get sunbathe, I could see some people relaxed in the sun.Kids also engaged in different kinds of activities. For instance,some ornamented their sandcastles using pleasant round seashells.However, after walking around the beach for a while, we came to anempty spot where we decided to settle. It was a long drive from thehouse to the beach hence we decided to rest on our blue towels. Ourspot was also close to water hence we could easily run into it aftertaking a nap.

Afterten minutes, I was set to go. I alerted my friends after which Isprayed my body with sunscreen. I packed up my swimming gear andheaded into the azure blue water. We never wanted to contemplateabout the coldness of the water hence we jumped right away into theapproaching wave (Botero et al. 2013). At some point, I felt relievedby the cold water. As I plunged via the dumping waves, I could feelthe cold water pierce through my skin. I tasted the salty water,which also penetrated into my eyes making their color turn into red.Further, due to the high tides, the water was cavernous, hence makingswimming easy and attractive.

Inaddition, we met new friends at the beach. It was evident that peopledid not only go to the beach to swim and play games, but also to meetnew people. The first friends we made invited us to play volleyball.It was after swimming. Besides, we needed to have more fun hence itwas the right opportunity. The moment was transitional for me as Inever played volleyball before. In such case, I learned a new hobby,which also proved to be fun. Secondly, we made friends with somepeople who were enjoying the beach on the motorcycles. It was atotally new experience to my friends (Botero et al. 2013). We sharedour experiences with them, an approach that helped us to learn andembrace a new way of life. Primarily, I enjoyed taking pictures ofall the activities I participated on for the future reference. Weused our phones to take pictures and record videos.

Afterhaving fun on the beach motorcycles, we were already tired. Wedecided to go back to our spot to rest. I could view around and seekids trying to swim. Some parents were there to motivate and traintheir children on how to swim. At the same time, I saw people flyingParagliders, which were of varying colors including purple andorange. Clearly, the beach present people with multiple activities,hence it`s one’s responsibility to decide which among the many isworth taking.

Itwas already becoming late hence we started to prepare ourselves. Wehad taken shower after swimming, so we only put on our clothes. Wepacked our belongings including flip-flops, towels, and beach chairs.The day was amazing I had earned a lot of memories, which weremotivated by the peace at the beach. Observing people, nature’sexquisiteness and the waves created a sense of peace and pride. Ifelt changed with the obliteration of my anxieties. I was now set togo back home. At the same time, I felt tired and relaxed. I couldfeel the traffic alleys becoming broader. It was time forimagination hence I closed my eyes as we headed back home.


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