The Effects Being Happy

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TheEffects Being Happy

TheEffects of Being Happy

Happinesscomes with a host of positive effects. To begin with, being happyfuels success. Happiness is the precursor to success. Being happymakes one more prosperous and effective. It results in success inevery aspect of our lives like friendship, health, marriage, ourcareer and work (Berghell, 2014). Everybody would love to see thoseclose to them being happy. Indeed, the purpose and meaning of life isto be happy.

Happierpeople are more sociable. This is because when a person is happy,this promotes quality relationships and interactions with others.Individuals love to associate with happy people, not the angry ones.Happy people hold positive views of life and associating with suchpeople makes one more positive. Being happy makes one to be moreliked, and tends to have a richer network of friends and socialsupport (Berghell, 2014). They are more popular and likable thanunhappy people they are better neighbors, colleagues, and citizens.Happier people are more likely to participate in communityactivities, to vote and to help others.

Happinessis implicated in better mental and physical health. The state ofhappiness is linked with better immune functions and lowerstress-related hormones (Berghell, 2014). Wellbeing is considered aprotective health factor. Furthermore, positive mood, humor, andoptimism are associated with better health. While they are not immuneto illness, happy people are able to cope with their condition andlive longer. Happier people tend to have better overall health. Ahealthier population means less health-related costs.

Happinessis associated with enhanced creativity and better decision making.People who are happy are more flexible and creative in theirthinking. In addition to that, happiness is related to highproductivity. Happy people are more productive than unhappy people.Happy people are more confident, more creative and more engaged, moreemotive and more productive (Berghell, 2014). They are moreproductive carrying out anything they choose to undertake. Unhappypeople are more likely to have stress and be absent from work.


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