The Elements of the New Age Worldview

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TheElements of the New Age Worldview


HealingTouch is a widely used health element in the modern healthcarefacilities. However, the element has resulted to consistent debatesamong individuals and experts from varying social and religiousbackgrounds. Ideally, the Healing Touch gets support from modernscience of healing. Therefore, Healing Touch is an acceptable andpopular psychic healing process in contemporary healthcarefacilities. So far, over 10, 000 nurses have intensive skills andexperience on effective means to administer Healing Touch topatients. Besides, over 80 universities and colleges in the UnitedStates offer training on Healing Touch (Dolores, 2014). Healing Touchinvolves placing hands to patients to facilitate fast treatmentprocess. The procedure also revolves around the patient and healthprofessionals’ values and beliefs in the treatment process.Proponents of the treatment process argue that the element is alocalized expression of the universal energy system. Healing Touchalso involves four essential aspects, centering, assessment,unruffling and modulation. Centering involves the establishment ofthe state of awareness while the assessment step includes placing thehands to patients to initiate the treatment and healing process.Besides, unruffling includes the use of hands to enhance circularmotion in the patients’ body. The final stage includes themodulation that entails transferring of the subtle healing to thepatients’ body (Dolores, 2014).

TheHealing Touch receives a notable support from the Bible. The Biblesupports the important of using various means to improve individuals’health status. John 1:2 indicates that God requires human beings tohave healthy life. Besides, Mathew 9: 12 requires Christians to seekmedical treatment from the health professionals. The Bible furtherindicates that healthy people do not require medical treatment, butailing Christians have the mandate to seek for medical support.Proverbs 14: 15 also require Christians to seek for information onreliable means to improve their health status. Therefore, new ageintervention elements such as Healing Touch can be an effective meansto ensure that Christians have a healthy life (Linda, 2015).

However,the Bible disregards the use of emerging intervention elements suchas the Healing Touch. The Bible emphasizes on issues such assupernatural forces and metaphysical reality. Therefore, the Biblereveals conditions where individuals need to have body contacts.Consequently, most of the modern Christians regard Healing Touch asforces of evil. Deuteronomy 18: 9-12 provides guidelines toChristians on some of the issues that they need to be disassociatedwith to live according to Christian values. The Bible also warnsIsraelites against imitating values and beliefs of other nations andcultures. Besides, the Bible cautions Israelites against somepractices such as sorcery, and divination. Therefore, according tothe Bible, treatment elements such as Healing Touch can be aviolation of the covenantal relationship between Christians and God.Act 19:11-20 also advises Christians against engaging in unreligiousbehaviors. Therefore, to some extent, the Bible discourages new ageworldview such as Healing Touch (Janet, 2015).

However,overreliance on the biblical worldwide views can have regrettableimplications on my personal and working relationship. Ideally,religious and cultural integration define my relationship with otherpeople in the society and workplace. Therefore, failure to respectworldview can limit my ability to interact effectively with mycolleagues. Besides, modern health profession supports the adoptionof modern elements and innovation to improve patients’ healthstatus. Healing Touch is among emerging elements that facilitate thetreatment process. Therefore, the overreliance on biblical views canundermine productivity in the healthcare sectors. Healing Touch isalso a common practice in other religions such Buddhism. Therefore,the element can help to improve Christians’ health status (Deepak,2015).


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