The Engineering Discipline I Want To Pursue

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TheEngineering Discipline I Want To Pursue

Thebest way to have a sustainable development to continue our earth allstarts with the environment. Environmental engineering is anengineering principle application to improve and maintain theenvironment so as to protect human health. The environment is animportant aspect since it is the surroundings or even the conditionsin which a person, plants or animal lives in otherwise we can sayoperates in for survival. Pollution has become a major problem on theenvironment thus resulting in air pollution and water pollution allthis end up risking the human health.

Airpollution is the introduction of a harmful or poisonous substanceinto the air. Air pollution has its effects to mention of lung cancerand global warming. Lung cancer is the growth of abnormal cells inthe lungs, usually in the cells that line the air passages. Lungcancer is a health condition that is dangerous to the health ofhuman. Air pollution comes in in the since that a human breathed inair that is already polluted thus resulting in the growth of theabnormal cells which cause cancer. Global warming is a threat to thelife of human too. Global warming is the gradual increase in theoverall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere resulting ingreenhouse effect brought in by increased levels of carbon dioxide,chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants. Global warming results ina poor production of food from the farm in that the fall of acidicrain denies the plants to grow thus reducing the level of foodproduction supply to humans. Water pollution is another problemfacing the human health. Water pollution is the contamination ofwater bodies through the harmful compounds discharged into the waterbodies directly or indirectly. Water pollution is very harmful to thehuman lives as well as that of aquatic animals being that water istheir habitat. Water pollution is brought by humanitarian activitiessuch as poor sewerage system, oil spillage and dumping of industrialwaste into the various water body that is rivers lakes and oceans.Human health will be now at risk since the freshwater supply is alsogetting polluted thus drinking it endangers one’s health. The humanbody will now be at risk of getting waterborne diseases. The fish toowill have heavy metals in them due to the pollution. Metalsdeposition into the water is through human activities such as miningwhich is common, weathering of soils and rocks and coal burning powerplant through smokestacks in air, water and soils around the factory.The dispersion of the acid solution in the groundwater, containinghigh levels of metals results to the fall of pH in the water thenmetal solubility increases and metal particles become more mobile.These effects lead to affect the fish externally causing loss ofequilibrium thus leading to death. These pollutions are all broughtby human activities and at the same time end up affecting the healthof human. Then pollution is something that can be prevented by thehuman beings to build a conducive environment by looking for ways toovercome pollution (Khalil&ampWilliamson, 74).

Inconclusion, industrial engineering becomes an optional career.Industrial engineering is an upcoming career thus more jobopportunity available in the market. This gives a chance on buildingthe earth in ways that will prevent it from any form of pollution.The earth should be sustainable to all living things, and this startswith us by taking care of it. Human has to reduce the rate ofpollution so as to sustain the earth in good condition, favorable tolive in. This creates a way to build a sustainable development tocontinue our earth.


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