The Expansion of BBC Services to Improve Students` Communication Skills

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TheExpansion of BBC Services to Improve Students’ Communication Skills


TheExpansion of BBC Services to Improve Students’ Communication Skills

TheBBC is a public broadcaster mandated to improve people`s livesthrough programs that educate and inform. The most important role inthis institute is to enhance formal education in both schools andinstitutions of higher learning (Demirel and Arslan Turan, 2016). BBCenables students to build essential knowledge and skills incommunication. It also engages students in various activities thattarget to achieve a particular result that benefits the community.The institution is not well known among university students, so notevery student can reach it .major events, and social media can beused in a more active way for recognition. This paper focuses on theexpansion of the BBC services to encourage students to practice abroad range of communication skills.

BBCshould use entertainment and drama methods as a way of accessingstudents and impact experience of communication. Drama activitiespromote students interests in some subjects, therefore, improvingtheir speaking capabilities. Languages taught through dramatictechniques settle a useful communicative context that makes studentsdevelop their linguistic skills. According to (Filipenko, Naslund andSiegel, 2016) drama offers students the possibility of being involvedin interaction process by applying personality and an active domainthrough the use of drama students are motivated and entertained hencethey gain confidence in communication.

Theinstitutions should organize symposiums, writing and speakingcontests with a purpose of improving students` ability to communicateeffectively. Students are offered platforms for discussions andpresentations where they display their skills in communications toboth their fellow students and BBC officials (Demirel and ArslanTuran, 2016). The best learner may be provided an opportunity in theinstitution that later motivates other students to improve theirskills with an objective of gaining similar offers.

TheBBC should offer internships and mechanical attachments to students.This will be instrumental to learners as they gain experiencesthrough the interactions with the institutional staff and management.Students can learn the importance of proper communications to conveyinformation without interferences of the meaning and the subjectmatter (Demirel and Arslan Turan, 2016). Through interactions,students can increase their sources of knowledge and give them thetools to take more active role in how they relate with the BBCofficials. This enables them to explore the subjects in a deeper wayand contribute to their opinions and interpretations.

Theinstitution should invest more on knowledge-building informationthrough social media platforms. This will help students to venture intheir interests and increase their knowledge together with deepeningthe impacts of communication skills. Information on educationbuilding will encourage students to find out what is happening aroundthem using the factual programs offered by the institution (Demireland Arslan Turan, 2016). The social media platforms should be fedwith specific information relevant to students such as the personalfinances, careers, and health attracting them to the content.

BBCshould publish materials related to education to support learningcurriculum for students. The articles may include materials forparents, teachers, and learners with an objective of promoting medialiteracy and improve formal communications (Demirel and Arslan Turan,2016). The publications should also enable students to comprehendinformation communications, manage information, and improve theirspeaking skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Theinstitutions should also propose new resources for students buildingon the existing contents.

Inconclusion, BBC should set strategic directives and approve someprinciples that aims at improving the communication skills among should enhance the contributions of skills learning asubject to the necessary policies and regulation. The institutionshould be mandated to provide a conducive environment for learningespecially in communication.


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