The Florida Legislature

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TheFlorida Legislature

The legislature is a branch of the government that is elected andempowered to repeal, change or make laws of a nation. The legislatureis also entitled to amend the budget. The legislature consists ofmembers who use parliamentary procedures to vote legislationproposals and discuss political issues. The paper will discuss theFlorida legislature.

The government of Florida operates according to Constitution ofFlorida. It is made of three branches, the executive branch,judicial, and legislative branch. The legislature is the branch thatacts as the legislature. It is made of two chambers, the Senate andHouse of Representatives. The Senate chamber is made of 40legislators while the House has 120 state legislators. The Senate isled by the President while the House is led by the speaker. JoeNegron who is a Republican is the head in the office of SenatePresident while Richard Corcoran who is also a Republican is theSpeaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Florida Legislaturehas their session in each spring. In odd-numbered years, the sessionbegins on the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Mondayin March and end when the spring breaks. The session is held inFlorida’s Capital,Tallahassee, in the Legislative Office.The sessions after commencing on the 1st Tuesday of March,they progress for 60 consecutive days. On 7th March thisyear, the Legislative session started and is proceeding for the next51 days (Flocks,Joan D., et al., 225).

There are many proposed bills in this session. There is the bill onthe budget which was proposed by the governor Rick Scott. He proposedan $83.5 billion budget for this year that could be starting on 1stJuly. The budget has increased with about $1.2 billion from thecurrent year`s budget. In this proposal, the governor has proposed atax cut of about $620 million, increase education budget and decreasethe hospital funding (Brower,Rebecca, et al., 25). The bill has been supported by aSenate candidate Carlos Beruff`s who has been appointed to head thehealth care cost-cutting committee. The bill is also proposed byState Representative Wengay Newton, who was also among the 28 Housemembers who supported the bill. However, the bill has strongopposition mostly from the lawmakers. The Senate Appropriationschairman, Jack Latvala also did not support the bill. Latvala saysthat there are important areas that need to be addressed by thegovernment. The areas include mental health funding, infrastructureand the state of the prisons. The Senate Appropriation Committee havemet to discuss Scott`s Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget recommendations.The committee first week was to review and prepare the budget. Still,they are progressing through the exercise of reducing the budget ofcurrent program funding. They intend to develop a pool of funds thatwill be used in this year’s budget allocation (Gilson,151). Florida has its tax at 6%, and Scotts want toreduce it to 4.5%. In so doing, private businesses will open theirbusinesses and will be able to hire more people. Hence, the bill willhelp local and business persons in Florida. The bill is targeting tocreate jobs, increase capital investment and to have an increasedaverage wages. In addition, the bill will help Florida to expand oneducation and restore their environments especially the damagedbeaches.

Negron also proposed a water bill. The bill is controversial as itrequires $2.4 billion that would involve buying a land south of LakeOkeechobee to release polluted discharges from the lake to eastcoasts of the state. The proposal includes creating a reservoir thatwould store water at the south of the lake. Negron has providedarticles showing how the Treasure Coast has been damaged by thepolluted discharges from Lake Okeechobee. The bill is opposed bypoliticians, farmers, and residents from south of the lake while ithas been proposed by most of House Representatives. The Senateproposal was through with their first committee on Tuesday. Theyfound that the bill requires $100 million in a year to buy 60,000acres of a reservoir (Jeppesen,Erik, Martin, and Zhengwen 122). The bill also wouldrequire Governor Rick Scott to find an option if the willing sellersare not found. In my opinion, the bill should be passed as it ismaintaining the beaches which are recreation sites hence provideincome to the government. In addition, the bill will help inenvironmental conservation. Florida has a balanced budgetrequirement. According to article VII of Florida’s constitution, itindicates that the law should provide provision for generating enoughrevenue to bear the disbursals of the state in each financial period.It is the governor’s role to ensure that the revenues collected areenough to meet the expenditures without deficit occurring in anystate fund.

In conclusion, the state of Florida legislature is effective inensuring that they work to the better of their state. Notably, thestate is recognized in the world for their great reduction in taxes.The reduction has enabled citizens to thrive in their businesses.They are developing policies that will help in increasing number ofemployments in the states. In return, they will improve the livingstandards of their people.


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