The Following Are What I Think/The Most Important concepts I learned About the Book

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TheFollowing Are What I Think/The Most Important concepts I learnedAbout the Book

  1. Dr. Christensen appreciates the efforts by the companies to work hard to sustain the technology, research, and development in order to make sustainable improvements to the technologies they have in their firms, which are tailored to meet the standards and the market requirements. However, he faults them in ignoring the new markets, which they consider meager in their existing structures.

  2. However, he warns the managers about the challenges instigated by such a phenomenon. He thinks the good management itself is the cause of the failures in many companies by the managers doing things strictly the way they ought to be done with less regard to thinking outside the box.

  3. In fact, the companies organize the resources and decision-making process in the companies to listen to the customers, deal with the competition while building their resources to fast track the highest performance, and yet remain unstable to curb the disruptive technology.

  4. Companies tend to be more interested in focusing their resources on the activities geared to respond to the customers’ needs and preferences. They equally look forward to attracting higher profits, whereas remaining technologically viable to play well in the market.

  5. Managers must remain on the lookout never to be swayed by the thought of making profit, expansion and serving the customers interests without thinking about the effects of disruptive technologies in their firms.

  6. An important concept is to demystify the thought by the incumbents that their failures are associated with the managers who are unable to deal with the new trends in order to motivate new ideas to attract the innovative technologies in the market. The author obligates the incumbents to be at the helm of the game of identifying and developing technologies.

  7. As depicted in the book, the new technologies tend to be weak to support the more advanced or rather established networks that many incumbent companies operate by. The greatest mistake is the companies ignoring the new technologies but keeps their eyes in attracting the maximum profits. They are reluctant in finding the new markets thinking that they are ostensibly small to affect their performance.