The Government and the Society

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TheGovernment and the Society

Thegovernment and the society are one of the major aspects of humanlife. They play major roles in ways in which people relate to othersand their environment. The government on its own has shownimprovements from time to time in history (Alastair 39). Thesedevelopments have been attributed to factors such as the increase inhuman relations. These relations include trade, war, and religion. These relations have on their own grown due to the growth ofgovernment. This interdependence is one of the aspects that led tothe growth of society. A society is the organization of people withparticular or activity. In some cases, a society can be formedthrough government. In History, some governments have developed dueto good government. This is because such governments were able tointegrate various aspects of society into their management. In thecurrent world, governments control most if not all activities intheir jurisdiction.

Ina more contextual view, the government is at the top of the growth ofcountries and regions. Governments are able to stimulate thedevelopment of key aspects of the society such as education. Thoughthe formulation of policies and laws, the ruling body is able todevelop aspects such as education. Education plays one of the keyroles in the development of the society (Alastair 47). It is for thisreason that governments in the world put a lot of work in thedevelopment of good education and educational facilities around theworld. In educational facilities around the world, students andpupils are taught the fundamentals of government and how they relateto the government as a person. Elements of education are in turnintegrated into the government for better governing and handling ofmatters in the region. Through education, the challenges that thegovernment faces in its various roles in the society (Alastair 59).Through research activities, the challenges can be pre-determined andreviewed before they actually come to pass. This strategy is relatedto the educational aspect of the society. Education has also broughtabout the integration of the government in a world that is changing.Some of these changes are in the educational system itself.

Anotheraspect related to government is the environment. Since timeimmemorial, the environment has played a major role in the change ofgovernment systems around the world. It is clear that the environmentand government are closely related. The government can dictate howthe government is treated and at the same time, the environment candictate what type of government is to be used. For this reason, thesystems of government differ from place to place. It is through theenvironment that governments are able to come up with policies tointegrate for a better tomorrow and protect the status of thesociety. The environment can also be a source of income to thegovernment. Governments around the world have developed by miningactivities and farming as economical activities. These activitiesboth involve the society since manpower is the need for theirprosperity. At the same time society plays a role in the status of aparticular environment. Normal day to day activities of some group ofpeople could lead to environmental pollution (Alastair 79). In suchsituations, the government has an obligation to control thispollution and healthy environment. The environment on its owndictates the factors that affect a particular society. Variousenvironments have different drawbacks. These drawbacks are factorssuch as health. A healthy environment will definitely bring out ahealthy society if carefully controlled by the government. This forcethe government to make efforts to maintain and provide good healthcare to the society. This is one of the aspects that brings about asteady positive change in the society.

Atthe same time, for the government to maintain a good health caresystem and good environment, the region has to have a steady economy.In most regions, the government is unable to meet its expectations interms of maintaining good health care and environments since it isunable to come up with sufficient funds. For a strong economy, thesociety is supposed to be willing and ready to pay government duessuch as taxes. When a society is able to pay good taxes, thegovernment is able to conduct its operations efficiently in terms ofthe development of the environment and economy. In the currentworld, the all these aspects are interdependent on the other. If thisinterdependence is maintained, there is a higher chance of a betterlife in the society. But this is not the case, various changes in thegovernment have caused the downfall of various societies in theworld. This has been through activities such as war. The social lifeof some societies breeds greed. The greed creates a situationinvolving the unequal distribution of resources (Alastair 109). Thishas been one of the major cause of war around the world. If allthese aspects mentioned above are closely related, it is clear thattoday is worse than previous generations.

Althoughthe changes that these aspects have undergone have played roles inthe development of a better tomorrow, the human race is facing, evenmore, problems that before. From time to time, the mortality rate ofthe human population has increased. Despite the efforts by variousruling organizations to curb global challenges such as war, hunger,and drought, their efforts have not made a very big impact on theeradication of these problems. Some of these efforts have helped insome areas and were successful. The global economy, on the otherhand, has grown due to the integration of various improvingstrategies by different governments. The evolution of societies andtheir relations is one of the main factors that make significantchanges in the ways in which government develops. The introductionof economic trends has seen that various governments are able to workalone. At the same time, some the well-developed governments haveover time provided for the development of other governments by theprovision of loans. This shows that the global community is a societywith care for the other, this means that the global community is ableto provide for regional integration for a better tomorrow. For abetter tomorrow, aspects such as government and society should beintegrated and made closely interdependent. This means that thechanges in one of these aspects should provide for better results inthe other. A better tomorrow is a situation where the society is ableto sustain itself and its government without facing challenges. Thissociety would create better social classes reducing underdevelopmentfactors such as greed and war. This better tomorrow is a milestonethat the human race should strive to achieve.


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