The Government`s Role in Health Care

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TheGovernment`s Role in Health Care


TheGovernment`s Role in Health Care

Discussionssurrounding the primary mandate of the government in nurturing ahealthy society have been a favorite American pastime. In regard tomedical care, the overarching question has been, “what are theduties of the government in the American healthcare system?” Sincethe enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA), the government’s roles in the United States medical caresector have changed substantially.

Thestate health departments are responsible for assessing the medicalneeds based on collected data, establishing health objectives,providing solutions to challenges inimical to health, and offeringsufficient statutory base for medical activities in the state amongother duties. Services offered by this department include thedisbursement of federal funds to local health providers, maintenanceof data sets, and assurance of quality health services and contractscompliance. For instance, the Adult Mental Health (AMH) department ofchildren and families in Florida is concerned with effects ofsubstance abuse and all other factors that have adverse impacts onthe normal functioning of the brain (&quotState and Local HealthDepartments &quot).

Thelocal health departments are responsible for health promotion,monitoring outbreak of infectious diseases, designing nutritionprograms, inspecting eating establishment, and assessing communitieswith an objective of determining the needs and strengths of thesociety among other roles. Serves offered by this department includechild and adult immunizations, HIV/AIDS counseling, family planning,and diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections. For instance, BakerCounty Health department in Florida offers services in disciplinessuch as women health, family health, and pediatrics (&quotState andLocal Health Departments &quot).

Inconclusion, it is the role of the government to ensure delivery ofhigh-quality medical care through both state and local healthdepartments. These health care units of the government have a primarymandate of protecting and assuring the well-beingof the citizens.


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