The Great Fashion Designer

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TheGreat Fashion Designer

TheGreat Fashion Designer

GiorgioArmani is a renowned Italian fashion designer who started his labelin the year 1974. One of his most selling products was jeans andemporio because they were cheap and could be worn casually. His jobat a fashion design store exposed him to fashion and marketingstrategy following his promotion to a salesperson.

Soonafter he left employment at a store owned by Nino Cerutti, he becamea freelance fashion designer. He perfected his art and his brandbegan to gain popularity. He also did receive designing work fromother brands that had built their names in years and this really madehis work reach many people. The overwhelming acceptance of hisdesigns pushed him to establish his brand in the year 1975.Initially, he made clothes for both men and women but he laterproceeded to expand his product line by providing a variety ofstylish products. His work made a huge impact when he took up the jobof making designs of Hollywood costumes.

Armaniput in much diligence into his work to ensure that the designs hegave to his customers were not only unique but also elegant andstylish. This was his signature trait. His fashion line did very welland he later decided to diversify to perfumes, make up and hotels.People did not hesitate to accept the new lines because Armani hadalready created an impression of what his work looked like andclearly, people loved it. His work later landed him a job ofdesigning suits for the football team of England. Armani’sdedication to his work and continuous learning has seen the successof the brand with minimal hiccups. He has received awards for being agreat fashion designer, most notably the Neiman Marcus Award.


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