The Great Fashion Designers

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TheGreat Fashion Designers

Ralph Lauren started designing quite early and only twelve yearsafter 1939 when he was born. From that point, he showed that he had adream of creating a fashion style that was timeless and incorporatedthe British elegance with the American lifestyle to create the Polodesign (Lynne, n.d.). The vision of making something that everyonewill enjoy showed how he was able to nurture a great fashion house.Furthermore, Lauren focused on making a retailing empire that willmarket his products and ensure that everyone will access all thedesigns made. The fact that he was able to manage a merchandisinglegacy and focus on his fashion apparel shows how his work has beeninspiring to the younger designers. He has been able to combine theskills and knowledge from other fields so that he can establish Poloas a brand that shows elegance and luxury used by the country clubs(Image One).

Image One: PoloPlayers that identify themselves with Lauren’s Polo brand.Retrieved from:

Calvin Klein was born in 1942 and started designing in the year 1962as an independent fashion designer. More important, Klein stood outbecause of his entrepreneurial skills he possessed. Right from thestart, he was a man that was focused on making a significant changein the fashion industry, and he focused on creating unique fashionapparels and even ventured into make-up as well as skin care (CalvinKlein, n.d.). Building a brand while including all these differentproducts was a risk that Klein was willing to take and that provedthat he was an entrepreneur that was ready to conquer the industry.In fact, he invested in adverts and using well-known celebrities tomarket some of his fashion designs and make sure that everyone knewabout what he offered (Image Two). Apart from the skills to createnew designs, he focused on understanding the industry and initiatingmeasures that will help him succeed.

Image Two: Acelebrity Advert featuring Freddie Ljungberg,who was a soccer player. Retrieved from:


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