The Healthy Adult Personality Has the Ability to Tolerate Ambiguity

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The Healthy Adult Personality Has the Ability toTolerate Ambiguity

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The Healthy Adult Personality Has the Ability toTolerate Ambiguity

WhatFreud meant by this quote is that a healthy adult has the ability tohave good judgment concerning his or her life and deep insightirrespective of the environment. The personal wisdom under contextinvolves the avoidance of avoid mental sets, the ability to thinkcritically, have good problem skills, being able to anticipatedifferent events and their consequences, and understanding difficultissues.

FromFreud’s experience, one who has a healthy personality is able tohave good knowledge about him or herself. Self-knowledge is importantfor one to be aware of his emotions, competencies, weaknesses and thepersonal goals for a fulfilled life. These are important aspects toevaluate and be aware of in case of any event in life, especiallyconsidering the uncertainty, but with self-knowledge one is able totolerate ambiguity.

Ahealthy adult personality has the need for growth, which comes with alot of effort, risks and unpredictability. With such a need, it islikely that the individual remains ready for any unforeseen eventsand, as a result, one is able to tolerate ambiguity when it arises.Tolerance to ambiguity requires one to have a high level ofself-regulation in a manner that individual emotions and behavior arein control internally.

Iagree with this premise on the grounds that not all adultpersonalities can have the ability to tolerate ambiguity except thehealthy and mature ones. With a healthy personality, the individualis able to think critically about all issues thus regulate allaspects of their self, be it personal wisdom, self-regulation,self-awareness, and the need for growth. To me, the quote means thatindividuals are able to tolerate ambiguity but only if the maintain ahealthy personality. When people have tolerance to ambiguity, theycan easily avoid problems while finding easy solutions to theexisting challenges.