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Sexuality 2

The History of Sexuality

From the story, Aristophanes, in Plato’s Symposium, argues thathuman beings existed in three forms namely male, female and mixed.1The male had two sets of the male genitalia, the female had two setsof female genitalia while mixed had one of each genitalia. Humanbeings coexisted in tranquility till they annoyed the god, Zeus. Amad Zeus split the people in half from top to bottom. The ideologiesconcerning love and soul mates can be attributed to the three formsand their split by Zeus.

The division of the human beings led them to seek their better halfsuch that there is male desire, female desire, and mixed desires. Forexample, men would seek other males females would seek females andmale would seek women. The following categories of the sexual desiresexist naturally to the male, female and mixed because they experiencepleasure through physical contact. Aristophanes asserts that thehuman love is a deficiency for the lack of another half. Love breedsdesire since people yearn to satisfy themselves.2At times, if the combination of kinship, love, and affection areexperienced with the right half, they usually create an overwhelmingdesire.3Emotions further drive desire because a person refuses to beseparated from their discovered half.

The categories of the desires are usually very close as portrayed bythe longing of the soul. It should be noted that the cutting of theman’s body into two grew the desire to find his half. Human beingsmay fail to grow because they long and desire for their partners suchthat they could embrace and exist together. From the story, it isimportant to satisfy the desires because it provides an avenue forengaging in other immoral activities.


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