The History of Vietnam War

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TheHistory of Vietnam War

Thedocument focuses on the role of the United States in the Vietnam.Based on the text, U.S. officials had a hard time evaluating theprogress of the war in Vietnam. It was challenging to know whetherthe South Vietnamese and U.S. forces were making considerableprogress in overcoming the North Vietnam fighters. Based on thedocument, it is apparent that the intensifying of air and groundoperations had a significant impact on the Northern Vietnamesesoldiers. As highlighted in the text, some of the soldiersexperienced fear and got discouraged to the extent that theirfighting spirit was lost. Guerilla soldiers were defeated since theynever possessed sophisticated machinery. This contributed todefections from the soldiers since they felt suppressed by the UnitedStates forces.

Thedocument is essential since it enables the reader to understand thedynamics of the Vietnamese war. Based on the writing, one comes torealize that troops from North Vietnam feared being sent to theSouth. The document is effective in portraying the reasons why theNortherners feared going to the south. It is apparent that soldiersfrom the south were well-equipped. To deliver his point, the authorinterviews the participants in the war and this makes it possible tounderstand how the war took place based on the soldiers’ point ofview. From the reading, one can understand the extent to which thepresence of United States troops changed the war. Were it not for thesoldiers from the U.S., fighters from North Vietnam could haveemerged victorious. The author portrays the United States soldiers aswarm-hearted since they treated the villagers well. Donations fromthe U.S. troops such as food and fertilizers enabled the public tosustain themselves.