The Human Experiment

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TheHuman Experiment

TheHuman Experiment

Thevideo highlights the issue of untested products in chemicals, whichare used every day by people. Based on the video, there has been anincrease in the use of chemicals in the recent past. This hascontributed to diseases and health conditions such as congenitaldisabilities, miscarriages and high rates of cancer. The film alsoindicates that politicians influence agencies such as the AmericanChemistry Council, thus affecting the fight against harmfulchemicals. The regulation of chemicals is inclined towards one side,and this makes it challenging to enforce controls against harmfulsubstances. The film considers people as subjects being used in thelaboratory to conduct experiments. Toxic substances can be seen inthe drinks and foods eaten. As depicted in the film, the mostaffected persons in the population are women since they are exposedto cosmetics and dangerous diseases such as breast cancer(EcoNewLife, 2016).

Thefilm champions for the enforcement of regulations and controls in thechemical industry. Throughout the movie, the narrator has presentedfacts and examples of persons who have been affected by healthproblems caused by chemicals. Although most chemicals have beentested to have harmful effects, there are no adequate laws to governhow the public is exposed to such substances. As demonstrated in thevideo, some chemicals can cause infertility issues. This can be seenin the case of a woman who is unable to get pregnant despite theimplantation of an embryo. Overall, the movie has been shot well andthe stories narrated is convincing. From the film, the viewer gets tosee the need for the relevant government agencies to advocate forregulation in the chemical industry (EcoNewLife, 2016).


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