The Important Role Played by a Heavy Breakfast

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The Important RolePlayed by a Heavy Breakfast

Preeti Bhandari in an article titled, Breakfast Like a King, LunchLike a Price and Dine Like a Pauper Here’s Why it Must Be YourHabit and Not Just a Saying reports that observing timing is asimportant as watching what one eats. This topic interests me sincethere are various conflicting views on whether or not breakfast playsa crucial role in weight management. According to Bhandari (2016),the body requires energy to sustain all its activities throughout theday. Most people sleep for six to eight hours. After this period, thebody needs high glucose levels in order to build up enough energyreserves to be utilized in the course of the day as well as to ensurethat a person suffers less stress.

Bhandari argues that there are several benefits of eating a heavybreakfast. First, according to him, the body operates on a circadianrhythm system that allows the metabolism of cholesterol, fats, andglucose. On this note, eating a heavy breakfast helps in properdigestion of food making it easy for one to lose weight (Bhandari,2016). On the other hand, when one consumes much food during dinnertime digestion is hampered and this may result in a person gainingmore calories. Secondly, according to Bhandari (2016), a breakfasthelps an individual manage his/her cravings for unhealthy food suchas energy drinks and snacks.

However, Bhandari (2016) cautions people against eating unhealthyfood in the name of a heavy breakfast. For instance, he says that oneshould avoid eating too much fat and carbohydrates. For him, a heavybreakfast should consist of protein-rich and high-fiber ingredients.Bhandari (2016) suggests food such as juice, eggs, and milk forbreakfast. For lunch, Bhandari (2016) says that one needs to consumefood products that have neither high nor low levels of energy. Duringlunchtimes, a person’s energy levels are usually low. As such,consuming food ingredients that have moderate amount of calorieshelps a person to replenish his/her vitality. For lunch, Bhandari(2016) suggests low-fat and protein-rich food items. Most of thetimes, people consume dinner when they have completed all the day’schores, hence one does not need much energy since for the next six toeight hours he/she would be asleep. Consequently, the body onlydigests small amounts of the food consumed at dinner time. Theimproper digestion hampers weight loss and may trigger obesity(Bhandari, 2016).

Firstly, the quality of the Bhandari’s article cannot beascertained. First, the domain of the website from which the articleis found does not have a gov, edu, or org in it. This indicates thatit is not owned by an educational institution, nonprofitorganization, or government agencies. Besides, the author has notindicated his qualification hence, one can conclude that he is ablogger who has no background training in any nutrition-relatedfield. Consequently, he may not be interested in stating the facts.For instance, he says that several studies confirm his argument yethe does not list them or at least report their actual findings.

However, apart from the missing information that discredits theauthor’s credibility I have not detected any other red flag thatmay show that the article is biased. For instance, the article hasnot suggested a single product that cures all diseases. Additionally,it has not suggested any quick and easy fixes. Instead, the authorhas suggested several food products that would help a person loseweight when they are consumed during supper, lunch, or breakfast.Besides, the article has laid out a plan which if it is followed forseveral months may help a person lose weight.

Bhandari’s article talks about the relevance of eating a heavybreakfast, moderate lunch, and a light breakfast. His assertion isthat the body requires much energy in the morning as compared to whena person is going to sleep. High-energy food helps in metabolism,which enables a person to complete his /her day’s chores.


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