The Life of Women in Colonial America

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TheLife of Women in Colonial America

The Life of Women in ColonialAmerica

Thelife of women in colonial America was very different from the one oftoday. Women were clearly oppressed in various ways during thecolonial period. One instance that shows this is when the settlersfirst came to America and supported male domination. Women were toobey everything men would say without questioning. Also, religionsuppressed women in the society by making them seem inferior to men.They were undermined and looked down for their intellectual value(Reich, 2016). With regards to morals, the church perceived women tobe weak since Eve sinned first in the Garden of Eden. Thus, in everyaspect of the society, women had inferior roles as compared to menand had no say on any matter, including those that affected theirlives.

Fastforward to the modern world and women in the United States are stilloppressed emotionally, physically, financially, socially, andsexually. Despite this, the society has turned a blind eye to theissue with legislators failing to pass certain acts that wouldeliminate oppression of women on certain fronts. In 2014, forinstance, the Congress, for the third time, refused to pass thePaycheck Fairness Act (Ghaninejad,2015). One of the thingsthat the Act advocates is for employers to explain the difference inearnings between men and women and to close the gap between theearnings. Though people claim that the discrimination between thedifferent sexes is illegal in America, the real picture showsotherwise. Women still earn less than men, yet in some instances, itis the women who need the money more (Ghaninejad,2015). Such instancesinclude cases of single mothers or grandmothers who raise childrenwhen their mothers are working.

Apartfrom financial oppression, women also face sexual and socialoppression perpetrated by men, the media, and even other women. Forinstance, when a man engages in sexual activities with many women, heis considered sort of a “hero.” However, when it is the other wayround, the society calls the woman names and may even brand her anoutcast of the society. Regarding physical and emotional oppression,women are attacked verbally when they do certain things, battered intheir homes, and some are even raped. Regardless of where the womanis, it seems that the world is a male dominated society (Ghaninejad,2015). Though people maythink that there is no oppression of women in the modern world, thisis not the case. The only thing that has changed is the forms ofoppression that are there in the modern world and how the societydepicts them as normal occurrences. Nonetheless, women are equal tomen, and what men can do, women can also do.

Theoppression of women in colonial America has greatly influenced thestatus of women in the modern society. Women are still viewed asinferior to men hence making it relatively difficult for them tooccupy certain roles and responsibilities. If the oppression of womenhad not taken place in the colonial period, then the world would havebeen a better place with men and women being equal in all fronts. Noone would be discriminated as a result of their gender and women willbe able to do, without any difficulty or opposition, what men do.


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