The movie, Troy vs. the book, Iliad

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Themovie, Troy vs. the book, Iliad

Themovie, Troy has been linked with the plot of the book, Iliad. In asmuch as Iliad was written by the Greek scholar, Homer, the film wasdirected by Peterson Wolfgang. The book and the film have significantsimilarities. For instance, they both talk about the events such asthe feud between King Agamemnon and Achilles. It also talks of theSiege of Troy. All these events are triggered due to Paris’ actionsof sealing away Helen ( The paper willprovide the instances where differences get illustrated the book,Iliad, and elements that exist in the movie, Troy.

Thesignificant differences which exist between poem and films includethe time taken for the war. In the movie, Troy, the fight took onlyseventeen days while in the book, it took ten years. In the film,Patroclus was perceived as the brother to Achilles while in the book,he gets viewed as his friend. Another difference concerns the factthat Paris is murdered. Hector’s baby is also killed while the wifeis taken into enslavement. On the other hand, the film portrays thatthese characters escaped the war safely ( Inthe book, Iliad, King Agamemnon leaves to see the end of the war andthen killed by Clytemnestra, his wife. In the film, Agamemnon iskilled by Briseis after the sack of Troy. In the book, Agamemnondecides to attack Troy after having a dream he believes to be sentfrom the gods. On the other hand, the film portrays Agamemnon as theone who attacked Troy to satisfy his ambition and greed.

Thereare many differences which exist between Iliad and Troy especiallywhen one considers the fact that it was the book, Iliad whichinspired the film, Troy in its contents. The reason for thedifferences made in the film`s contents and the elements of the bookis purely economic. The making of the film was riffed with instanceswhere the director wanted to develop it with as minimal expenses aspossible. In as much as the director is led by a need to economize,they do not see the need to compromise its likeability. One instanceconcerns the fact that the film sees Paris, Hector’s baby and wifeescape the war as opposed to began murdered in the book. Thisdifference was aimed at creating a tone of hope. Furthermore, if theyhad developed the film with Paris, Hector’s baby and wife aremurdered, the audience would be considered as narrow. Making thenecessary changes improves the size of the target audience( If we consider that the film was directedexactly as outlined in Iliad, there would be no hope for the city ofTroy if Paris, hector’s baby, and wife got murdered. There would bean air of frustration in such a case. In essence, the changes in thebook were aimed at directing the intended message to the modern dayaudience.

Tosum up, the paper has provided several differences which existbetween Troy and Iliad. One of the major difference concerns the factthat the film saw Paris, hector’s child and wife survive after theway as a flicker of hope, while in the book, Iliad, Paris, Hector’sbaby and wife are murdered as a result of the war. The paper leavesroom for more information to be discussed especially thesimilarities.

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