The prereferral process is used to ensure that a child who appears to

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Theprereferral process is used to ensure that a child who appears tohave a hard time learning attempts reasonable modification beforehe/she is referred to a special education assessment. As a firstyear teacher, I would ensure that I observe the student`s reportkeenly and identify areas of concern such as poor grades, lack ofattention in class, having trouble understanding homework assignmentsand failure to do assignments (Rich 2). After offering the studentassistance without any positive result, I would share the informationwith the school head and the child`s parent. Together we would comeup with a strategy that will help analyze the skills of the studentsfurther. After the evaluation of the student, a decision on whetherhe/she should be referred for a special education evaluation or beintegrated back in the regular class will be made.

Iwould use the student`s performance card to evaluate his/herperformance. I would also relate his/her behavior with other childrenof the same age group and observe the difference. In the case thestudent performs poorly and seems to be alienated from his or herpeers, it is likely that there is a problem with the student (Rich2). The main challenge when addressing such a situation is theperception of the parents. Most parents assume that once the studentis placed on a prereferral process, they are not normal and they willrequire special education. They would, therefore, try to resist theprocess and even accuse me of being biased toward their child. Iwould explain that the prereferral process is meant to ensure thatthe child`s strengths, weakness and talents are recognized and he orshe is placed in the right learning environment.


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