The purpose of the DNP Scholarly Project

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Thepurpose of the DNP Scholarly Project

Thepurpose of the DNP Scholarly Project

AtWalden University, we pride in a holistic preparation of futureprofessionals who will be relied upon to imminently contribute in thenursing profession. I chose to come to this university because ithas some of the best programs in the country. After an expansiveperiod of learning, the university gives the PhD students anopportunity to engage in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project.It is an important project that helps in equipping the learners withthe right practical knowledge on their areas of specialization(Flick, 2015).

Ina partial fulfillment of my nursing course, I will dedicate my timeto engage in an extensive DNP scholarly project. My preferred topicwill be about the improvement of patient experience through thedelivery of patient-centered care. The project will improve myunderstanding on the nursing sector. I hold the view that this is themost important area to research on. It will enable me to experiencewhat goes on in the workplace(Holloway &amp Wheeler, 2013).A proper understanding of the patient experience is important in theimprovement of the quality of services rendered to them(Saxon, London, Bacharouch, Smith, Santen &amp Perry, 2013).As a nurse, I need to be part of change in the sector.

Inorder to carry out the project, I will have to do a number of things.First, I will have to collaborate with my lecturers to provide mewith the necessary guidance. Besides, I will have to look for all thenecessary resources to utilize in the project (Spring &ampHitchcock, 2013). Lastly, I will abide by all the rules governing theconduction of DNP projects. I will organize the project, have a goodplan, and draft a timetable to follow right from the beginning up tothe end of the project(Fairman, Rowe, Hassmiller &amp Shalala, 2011).


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