The Redemption Song by Bob Marley

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TheRedemption Song by Bob Marley

TheRedemption Song by Bob Marley


Thesong addresses the issue of freedom and mental slavery in the 21stcentury. The issue is significantly important to the American societybecause despite civilization and freedom movements, most Americancitizens still lead lives that are deficient of freedom. The songstrongly reminds American citizens that freedom always, and willalways come with a cost. For that reason, individuals who are willingto pay for the freedom need to emancipate themselves from mentalslavery. The issue of mental slavery implies that despite Americancitizens thinking that there is political, social, economic,religious and cultural freedom, the truth is that there is stillmental slavery of all these aspects of life, and the mental slaverycan only be understood by intelligent and free thinking individuals.

Byemancipating themselves from mental slavery, Americans need tounderstand several ways through which they are denied freedom.However, Americans cannot easily notice the ways because the sameways, in one way or the other, benefit the citizens. For example,citizens need to understand that their American liberties come to anend at the workplace door because they are sometimes hired on parttime basis so that they can be denied of rights and benefits(Richard, 2012).

Also,Americans need to know that they have lost autonomy to their ownbodies because of the modern foods that are produced with manychemicals in them. As well, through erosion of the power of workersunions, several Americans are losing their ability to stand up frompoverty so that they can earn a decent job or even work in the careerof their own choice (Richard, 2012). Americans have also lost freedombecause they no longer have the right to personal time because ofovertime and emergencies that occasionally come up and tie them totheir unending work. Furthermore, Americans cannot negotiate as freepeople with corporations or banks, they have lost the right to travelor live where they want and they have lost their right to privacythrough social media sites that expose their personal informationsuch as Facebook.


BobMarley intentionally got involved in the issue because as a globallyrecognized musician, the message could reach the whole world as soonas the music is released. In fact, his main intention was toenlighten people in regard to how mental slavery has twisted thingsby blackmailing people that there is political, economic, cultural,religious and social freedom, when, in real sense, there is nofreedom at all. People only have to emancipate themselves from mentalfreedom in order to fully achieve the freedom that was achievedthrough hard fought methods.


Thelyrics of the song have made it have an immense impact across theglobe. For example, some vital lyrics (TheWork that has been done)were extracted from a speech given by Marcus Garvey, a pan Africanistorator. Inaddition, the live performance of the song by Bob Marley made thesong have a big impact because at his live concert on the 13thof June, 1980 in Dortmund, Germany, the artist introduced the song bysaying “Thissong is called Yes they Rob I, Sold I to the Merchant Ship.Introducing a song with such a powerful and strong message makes thelisteners come to their senses that despite some aspects of lifedepriving them of freedom, they can still redeem themselves byemancipating their own selves from mental slavery


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