The Six Characters in Search of an Author

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TheSix Characters in Search of an Author

TheSix Characters in Search of an Authoris a play based on family. There is a father and a mother, they haveone son together, but the mother has three more children not with adifferent father. The family brings out a lot of characterpresentation. The play’s plot is about a producer trying torecreate the experiences of the family by using actors. The familyacts out a scene, and the actors recreate the scene. From page 15 to20, it’s about a rehearsal scene that is being done on stage. Thefamily acts the events as they were and the actors imitate them. Fromthis scene, there are a lot of debate points that are debatable sincedifferent points of views of the scene are available.

DoesThe Presence of the Author Affect the Rehearsals of a Play?

Fromthe rehearsal scene, the director says that he has always hadaversions about having authors during rehearsals. He continues toexplain how they are never satisfied with the actors acting. Theyalways seem to interfere by interrupting the rehearsal. However, thequestion of debate is whether the presence of the author makes theplay to seem too real than when the actors rehearse on their own. Theauthor always interferes to ensure that the play is acted as it waswithout any diversions. One might argue that when the play is madewithout the presence of the author, the play is always much bettersince the director may edit some parts of the play to ensure that theaudience is entertained, unlike the author who just wants to presentthe events as they happened. (Page 52)

IsThe Father to Blame for the Step Daughter’s Behavior?

Thestepdaughter blames the father for the way she turned out. Sheexplains that wrong follows wrong. She believes that it was thefather who first did wrong and she followed when he asked her to takeoff her dress. One could argue that the father was not aware of therelationship between him and the stepdaughter cause if he was aware,he would have avoided a lot. The stepdaughter claims that she losther father two months ago and she was still in mourning. The mothercan also be blamed for the events that turned out since she shouldhave informed the father about the stepdaughter. (Page 54)

Isthis Play Make-Believe or Reality?

Adebatable point of view poses a question if this play is amake-believe or reality? The producer makes it clear that the play isjust an act. However, the family argues since they consider this is areality. The father explains to the director and his actors that itis just a game, but to the family, it is a reality. The mother’sreaction when the stepdaughter lies on the chest of the father alsomakes one wonder if the film is real or illusion. The mother criesout and screams to the director not to allow them to do it. Is thisreaction part of the act or is she genuinely concerned that thefather and stepdaughter could do something? This reaction points to aconclusion that the play could be based on true life events since themothers weeping and crying do not seem to be just an act but couldprobably be from previous events. (Page 55).


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