“The true cost”

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“The true cost”

“The true cost”

Everyone always wants a good deal especially when it comes toshopping for clothing. With as little as $20 someone can go home witha couple of clothes including jeans, t-shirt and maybe a dress.Americans spend so little in clothing but have very extensivewardrobes more than ever. It is now much cheaper to buy an entirewardrobe than ever before. These deals do not just come for free, anda lot is always at stake in the garment industries.

Today, a majority of the garments sold in the United States areimported from countries such as Bangladesh. The fashion system of thepast focused more on culture and appreciation of art, unlike todaywhere it is purely based on capitalism (The True Cost DocumentaryFilmHD 2015). The fashion system of today is selling brand names, andit almost has nothing to do with art, talent but profit making. It isvery unfortunate that despite the high-end profits that are made fromthe industry, the industry cannot sustain the garment manufacturersin developing countries.

Today’s fashion industry is capitalizing on making profits. It isthe same reason why the latest trendy clothing is taken directly fromthe cat work and stocked in stores. The industry is producing lowquality but trendy garments that can be produced faster but at thelowest costs possible (The True Cost Documentary FilmHD 2015). Themanufacturers can sell these clothes cheaper to the wholesalers whothen sell it at almost twice or thrice the price to the retailer whoeventually rebrands it, and sells it to the customer nearly ten toseveral hundred times the cost of manufacturing it (The True CostDocumentary FilmHD 2015). The other clothing that is not rebranded issold at very low costs. This trickles down the industry, and you findthat the people who labor most, get the lowest pay, and work in poorconditions.

When we allow capitalism to inject its poison to these industries, wenot only hurt the people but the environment. It is critical to notethat, when humans become so thirsty to make huge profits, a lot ofthings become compromised in the end. The fashion model needs to beredefined, to save the manufacturers in the fashion industry.

From my own opinion, the fashion industry capitalizes on makingprofit alone rather than improving on the quality. According to me,the industry is producing low quality but trendy garment that containvarious suuecan be produced faster but at the lowest costs possible.


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