The True Nature of Ballet

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TheTrue Nature of Ballet

Accordingto the author, ballet dancers encounter challenges that hinder theprogress of their career. For instance, dancers may experiencephysical injuries, which make them rejected in the industry. Thearticle claims that the retirement age has also reduced to the earlythirties and late twenties. Ballet is associated with intensetraining, high chances of injury, and rigorous performance schedules.The author has an experience concerning ballet, and she recalls thephysical pain she felt while in the industry. The ballet dancers alsoexperience emotional stress. The market composes of many talenteddancers who vie for any advertised ballet position. The articleclaims that the high competition in the industry influences thestress experienced by ballet dancers seeking for employment. Bodyfitness is an aspect that is considered when selecting the dancers.The author states that individuals with high amounts of body fat facechallenges in maintaining their dance careers. Injuries encounteredduring training and performance of ballet contributes to the earlytermination of dance careers. Most dancers torture and starvethemselves with the aim of achieving the unrealistic industrystandards. Ballet dancers experience much pain as they struggle toachieve their career goals. However, most of them encounterdisappointment because they fail to achieve their dreams. Jonardapplies her experience on the ballet in a wise manner. Theincorporation of personal involvement facilitates the passage ofmessage. The utilization of a narrative ensures that concrete detailsare made for the reader to understand the articulated concepts.

Author’s Purpose

Theauthor writes the essay with the purpose of communicating thechallenges encountered by the ballet dancers. The personal experienceincorporated in the essay ensures that information is passed andunderstood effectively. Individuals striving to expand their careerin the industry are likely to be cautioned after reading thenarrative. The essay outlines the possible dangers of ballet to thereaders, which makes it captivating. People are likely to exposethemselves to harm due to ignorance. The author ensures that balletdancers and other individuals in the industry understand the problemsthat they are likely to face. The essay helps the people pursuing theballet career to prepare adequately and address the relevantdifficulties.