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  1. Vocabulary tier for intermediate ELL

Tierone comprise of the elementary English words that any English learnermust have command of to be able to advance to the intermediate level.Therefore, any intermediate level learner must already have masterthem. Tier two words on the other hand are words mostly found inwritten texts and are more refined in that they offer exact meaningsto things in a way that clears all ambiguity in meaning. Furthermore,tier two words are found in written works which makes them widelyapplicable in various types of texts which demand a betterunderstanding of the language (Beck, McKeown, and Kucan, 2008).Therefore, for an intermediate level English language learner, tiertwo words are important since they are encountered in most writtentexts and so they elevate the learner and improve their applicationand understanding of the language.

  1. Teaching vocabulary to ELLs

Foreffective teaching of vocabulary, one of the strategies that aninstructor should use is to make sure the ELLs can see the words theyare learning about. The instructor should write the word on the boardor have them printed on handouts and given to each ELL. This is tomake sure the learners are familiar with the word and its spelling.Another strategy is making sure the learners clearly hear theinstructor pronounce the word several times. The instructorpronounces the word in the correct manner for the learners to acquirethe auditory imprint for the word which will help them pronounce theword themselves from the memory of the instructor’s pronunciation(Kinsella, 2005). I would select words to teach depending on thelevel of the learners. For example I would choose tier two words forintermediate level learners and tier one words for basic levellearners.


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