Tittle Let`s Love

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Myreaction to the song is overwhelmingly positive because it capturesthe intense emotional knowledge about what love is all about in life.In the process of listening to the music, I became calm and composedwith some smile figuring out how this world could be without theelement of love. With some romantic lines like “Oh, let’s love,we only got one day” (BONNER, LEROY et al. 1), I get into emotionalmoods where one would develop the interest of looking for love. Whengiving a response to the song, the cultural context of the song isdesigned to be displayed in the restaurants where stress can bereduced. It is a love song because one is desperately in love withthe girl. In this song, one would figure out the importance of loveas it is an element that unites two together. I feel impressedbecause the lyrics are consistent with the genre of the song, andtherefore I believe the prey is going to develop love towards thepursuer.

Ata point in a person`s life, the same experience is the same since tolove and be loved the greatest joy on Earth. The evidence of thelyrics had some support since it pursues towards falling in love withthe lady. The relationship has a traditional aspect in that, peoplesay that he is evil and mean, and the same scenario can beexperienced in the non-traditional relationship. The meaning of thesong brings to surface the significance of the romantic feelingsbetween the two parties however much what other people may say aboutthe man. The song explains how the pursuer is deeply in love with theprey and even persuades her to be in love despite what people may saybehind his back (Song, Wen, and Jesse 11). He also justifies thatthey only have one day to fall in love and also to pass the time. Thewhole song is all about the romantic love where the pursuer tries tocomfort the feelings of the prey by promising her that, if she doesnot listen to people who talk about the unfortunate things behind hisback, let her listen to her heart and follow it. For example in thelast stanza, the man urges the lady to accept his loving proposal,“please do it, please do it,” (BONNER, LEROY et al. 1). He opensup to the girl by telling her not expect much when they fall in love.

Repetitionis used in the song to put some emphasis on how much the pursuer isin love with the lady, and it also creates the rhythm of the song.While following the lines of the song, there is an element of timewhere in some period, it will take both parties to fall in love butthey have to take part of the commitment in falling in love. Onstanza five line five where he says that they have only one day, hemeans that love comes only ones in people’s life. The song reachesto the audience with some elements of love out of the romantic lineswhich bring emotions to the public. When there is a use ofrepetition, the theme of the song is put clearly to the public tobring the platform of commitment and love when people fall in love.The audience can get convinced that, when it comes to love issuesbetween the two parties, other people’s opinion should becompletely avoided. The idea that the artist has is overt to theaudience of the song, the element of love requires two parties todevelop interest and that it takes the time to fall in love. Myattention gets captured by the word like love and the phrase thatputs it that “it was not for the things that people would say,child, you would be making love to me” (BONNER, LEROY et al. 1). Itmeans that, before falling in love, one needs first to know the otherand if the characters of the party can pursue the prey to fall inlove.

Loveis the major aspect of the song and people who are interested infalling in love, should accept that time is required for love todevelop. As the artist puts it, he emphasizes on enjoying once topass the time because he believes they only have a moment of livingin life. When one does not listen to what people say about the other,then it is easier to fall in love with the other and to make him orher happy. The song has unquestionably affected our emotions in that,when we listen to the song during the period of depression, theromantic feelings grow and thus the hunt for love begins. Deepemotions equip people with the awareness of reducing the suppressedemotions during a hard time. The artist puts on us the notion of notlosing hope, even if other people talk about the two falling in love.The audience is emotionally touched in that when one falls in love,and he must be persuasive to convince the other to fall in love. Inthis song, the word please has been used to emphasize on the interestthat the other party has on the girl and how he is humble andpersuasive to the lady to enable her fall in love. As expressed, bothlove and life are intertwined since where love exists, there is alife which means that it is an extension as it gives life a meaningaccording to the author. One can look for love in all forms as itmakes people fascinate.

Tosum up, it is true to say that all a person needs is love to feelawesome. The word love is simple, but it carries a powerful message.Following this perspective, the song indicates that love brings apositive energy to the person`s heart which means that, it alwaysstand the test of time since all generations see the whole truth thatlove does. About the lyrics of the song, love makes sense since itsimpacts spur on great things which many people would not imagine.Love is like a miracle, and it goes a long human life. It, therefore,means that, when one recognizes love, one would discover the strengthand be able to express it as one can create miracles out of itthrough ramping of different feelings that love brings.


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