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Roleof internet in transforming Technology, Information, andCommunication

TheInternet is a worldwide network that connects many devices tofacilitate the way people in the world communicates and interactswith other people through sharing of an idea. There are various waysof accessing the internet services such as the use of the computer,and that might be through the commercial web service provider. TheInternet can connect very many computers in the world which isapproximate to a million in number. Through this connection, there isa platform that enables information sharing from one device toanother hence it easy for everyone to access the required informationfrom the web.

Companies,institutions, and people feel the strength and the depth of thetechnological changes which has changed the perceptions of theindividuals in the world about the difficulty of communication. TheInternet has resulted in alienation, withdrawal, and isolation of thepeople from the society but the evidence that is there is that, theinternet does not reduce or isolate people from their sociability. Inreality, the community can socialize through the web where the civicengagement and good friendship relationship among the cultures in theworld are enhanced.

Whenwe consider technology, the internet has changed our technology ofcommunication wherein the societal setup, we can get it easy tocommunicate with others and share ideas without physically meeting.The communities have been able to conduct their business activitiesand even entertain people in the world through technology. Internettechnology has been able to do away with the barriers present beforein some decades back as it make the interaction better (Pearce andNick 16). The internet led to the development of technology that haddeleted the barriers of communication, and it helped the communitiesto do their business in the world and to enhance interaction betweenthe people who shared the ideas. Technology borrowed from theinternet enabled people to recognize it as a weapon that could helpin the communication of people from one location to another withinthe shortest time possible.

Throughthe web, the unlimited amount of information has enabled for theformation of the library that facilitates the research at any giventime. With the internet, the innovation and invention have been ableto be enhanced since technological advancement acts as a tool thatenables people to explore the unexplored in the globe. The gainedtechnology has allowed the companies to get into large markets,creates services and to reach their audiences to get access to theirintended customers. The Internet has made the technological change ofseeing the world to be a global village where the society can meetand interact despite the distance.

Whenwe consider the information which is created and transmitted to theusers, the internet has made it easy and faster for the informationto be passed from the source to the user. The Internet had reducedthe cost of passing the information from one party to another ascompared to where people used letters to give the information totheir intended parties, and it could take several days to reach itsdestination. Before information gets passed from one group toanother, the proper analysis gets enabled by the interment whereresearch is done and the data collected brings out the final decisionthen it is being passed to the individuals.

TheInternet has allowed the writing information to be free from theconfined minds of the human brain. Through the internet, the Societycan get the range of information they could require because they areavailable on the web and this is through googling. Through the web,there is the development of technologies which gets enhanced throughthe adoption of computers, mobile phones, and any other internetaccessing material to move the information rapidly and very fast(Buabeng-Andoh 169). Computer knowledge has enabled the society tostore and retrieve the information for either future references orany other purpose. Many times, Internet has converged various ways inwhich we deal with information and how the information can be passedto the entire society without conflicting ideologies.

Ofthe recent, many youths have engaged into online dating since itremoves stigmatization that made people sit alone back at home. Aboutthis, online dating has created a platform where people get hooked upand can organize on how they can meet through communication, and thisshows how the accessibility of information is easier for peoplearound the globe. The Internet also proves to be as part of our dailylives, and it enables keeping the friendships active over the longdistances and significant demands of the people to keep a largenumber of associations has been considerably enhanced by theinternet. People have been able to make the cost of passinginformation from one person to another to be very cheap and faster ascompared to the old system of giving the information.

Asthere is faster traveling of the information and communication in theworld through the internet, the world is seen to be smaller thus theway the world communicates has changed. When we look back before, thesociety was limited to their means of interacting with others, butthe arrival of the internet and the social media has facilitated thechanges in the way people communicate due to web services availablethroughout. The social media has provided the opportunity to thesociety to share their ideas and opinions on current situations, andtherefore, they can evaluate what is ideal for them. The Internet hasmade it easier for the formation of the social networks such as theFacebook, Twitter and even the YouTube (Hargittai, Eszter, and Aaron117). Many people can generate the idea from the internet source toadd knowledge which is an additional benefit to the society.


Insummary, the internet in association with the social networks hasinfluenced the way people converse, and this has seen how writingtechniques have changed over time, and the written information can besummarized. Individuals who communicate through the web by chattingdo not necessarily spell things correctly but hey are identified tounderstand one another. The transformation of the technology,information, and communication has been enabled by the internet whichhas set the world to be a global village. The society has benefitedfrom the use of internet because people get it easy to interact andcommunicate through the web. More often, the society has not beenspending much to enhance the communication between them and thepeople in the world. The business activities through the internethave been taken care of as the society finds the new market throughthe web.


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