To Kill a Mockingbird

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ToKill a Mockingbird

Chapter11 of “” begins with Scout’s descriptionof her neighbor’s unwelcoming character, whom she loathes for herunkind nature whenever they pass by her house. Jem also despises herfor the enraged look and how she treats them. Mrs. Dubose also keepson ridiculing their father for having not remarried, something thatleaves Jem outraged. The author illustrates Mrs. Dubose as prejudicedwhen she mocks Scout and Jem that their father stood for the blacks,referring to Tom’s case, a statement that leaves Jem visiblydisconcerted. The author explicitly demonstrates how intolerance canbreed hatred when Jem rips off a camellia bush in Mrs. Dubose’syard after they had noticed she was not around. Possibly, thechildren were paying vengeance against her wrathful look andridicules.

Atticusis infuriated by Jem’s action that he asks him to apologize to theneighbor. Mrs. Dubose battles with morphine addiction, but shefinally dies. Atticus describes her as courageous for fightingagainst something that was hard to achieve. In this context, theauthor compares Atticus’s case of defending Tom and Mrs. Dubose’sbattle against substance abuse. The death of Mrs. Dubose givesAtticus a chance to educate his children that the bravest thing theycould do was to stand for the right thing no matter what.

Chapter12 describes further on racial discrimination in the ancient Americansociety where even the church was divided on racial grounds. Theauthor describes how some people held the belief that the blacks andwhites could not mingle when a woman in the church asks Calpurnia whyshe had taken the children to an African American Church. However,the majority of the blacks did not show any attributes of racialdiscrimination.

Thekids’ move to offer their money at Tom’s wife fundraisingindicates that not all whites were prejudiced. Additionally, theReverend tells Scout and Jem that their father was a better friend tothe church, exemplifying that prejudice existed in some few equalmeasures between the whites and the blacks.