To Members of the Nova Scotia Food Truck Association (NSFTA)

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To:Members of the Nova Scotia Food Truck Association (NSFTA)

From:Office Manager, Rice-a-Rolly

Enjoy As You Offer Your Contributions to Society

Haveyou ever desired to contribute to the community for the purpose ofbenefiting the society at large but you have not received theopportunity? Do you desire to rejuvenate and develop your life as youcontribute to society? Food banks have become an issue to thesuppliers since 2016 and may persist in this year. According to FoodBanks Canada, in March 2016, the number of people that received foodfrom a food bank in Canada was 863,492. This was 1.3% higher in theyear 2015 same period and 28% more compared to the number in 2008.

In2016, reports received from CBC News indicated that food donations atFood Nova Scotia remained low. This originated from 147 agencies ofNova Scotia having low supplies. In 2016, in Global News interview,Karen Theriault pointed out that the situation is bad since they hadto turn some individuals away without providing any aid. In case wecome together, we can assist the agents get more food suppliers thatcan help in curbing the shortage. From the website of the Feed NovaScotia, information about their role is well enshrined which is toassist in raising awareness of the hunger and poverty issuesaffecting the Nova Scotians.

Membersdo not have to worry about funds towards supporting this initiative.The company has a plan of utilizing process resources in covering theactivity funds of operation, and surplus funds should be donated tothe food bank. Through this initiative, we could earn goodwill andoffer an opportunity for more people to recognize us. Therefore, thecompany will benefit from having more number of customers recognizingit while the community will benefit from the food that they willreceive from the initiative. The initiative is a win-win situationand thus, we should support it.

Thecharity food truck rally will be held on April 28, 2017 at the ScotiaCenter. Together, we will donate the revenues earned to feed NovaScotia. Your input will highly be appreciated and ideas are welcomebefore 17thApril. All the best as you prepare to join in the initiative.




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