TO Anne Brown, Division Manager

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TO: AnneBrown, Division Manager

FROM: Group

March 25th,2017

SUBJECT: Informal Analytic Report


Forsuccessful re-routing, learning the culture of the local people is ofutmost need. The PR team needs to reach out to the public to dealwith the negative impact of this shipping. This informal analyticreport will discuss the audience considerations for an effective PRstrategy.


There-routing of the truck`s path will infringe on the rights of theIndonesia residents. This might not auger well with them. They mightoppose this move unless the company did something different. Tomitigate the impacts of the re-routing, the company decided todevelop a PR strategy that will promote positive communication withresidents and possibly help them adjust to the interferences thatwill come with traffic. In this regard, our team has come up with thecampaign strategy to solve these issues.


Thefirst consideration is the use of local dailies and newspapers tocommunicate especially to the middle class who are elderly. Thisaudience reads newspapers and mostly access information through thelocal dailies. This strategy will reach quite some these peoplethough they are not the majority. Also, this would involve the use ofother media platforms to communicate the same message and building PRwith the local people. The use of the local dailies and media houseis a good strategy, succinct and comes with the personal touch to theaudience. However, the middle class forms the least majority in termsof numbers. This method can only reach few people.

Anothercampaign strategy would involve the use of direct communication andmeeting the local population. This also includes direct interactionwith the local people and showing courtesy and respect to them. Theculture of people is imperative. It is what builds the moral fabricof any society. For our actions to bear fruit, we must endeavour tolearn and incorporate our activities, speech, and language with theethos of this culture. A proper understanding of the culture of theIndonesian people is at the heart it all. It begins by learning theirlanguage and trying to understand their belief system and culturalconsiderations. The employees should not interfere with the customsand way of life of the local people, but rather integrate and fitinto their culture.

Thestrength of this campaign strategy lies in its ability to marshal alarge volume of people and have the direct impact on the localpopulation. However, even with courtesy and treating the localpopulation with respect, it is not guaranteed the people will treatthe employees in the same way. It will have to take the employeespatience, respect and resilience to fully integrate into thelifestyle of the local people and win their hearts and support.

Moreso, the campaign team will use the social media to communicate andreach the youths. The platforms in this media will include Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. There are quite a large number of youths whoare tech-savvy, and it is definite that their presence on theseplatforms is inevitable. A good message, well-choreographed tohoodwink them will achieve the results for this move. This wouldfurther involve visiting local restaurants, gigs, exhibitions, andtalent show to get more youths into accepting the move to re-route toIndonesia.

Theuse of social media as a campaign strategy to get the youths iseffective since it is cheap and helps reach a vast majority in ashort period. Conversely, this method also comes with its challengessince it was not easy to convince the youths into doing anythingunless it has a direct impact on their lives. The youths would wantsomething that would directly benefit them and their affairs.


Amongall these three strategies, the team will use direct communicationwith the locals on the ground. Seemingly, from the research, theyouths have less interest in such issues and hence the use of socialmedia might not be the best method. The best alternative that remainsis direct meetings and communication with the local people. Thismethod will involve all the classes of people since meetings willencompass people from different classes, religion races, and ages.The method also comes with numerous advantages that the other methodscannot offer. Venturing into establishing new routes in Indonesiawould require personal appeal and understanding with possibilitiesfor questions. The locals have to understand the benefits that comewith this move and also the educational advantage the employees willoffer to the locals. These extensive explanations and communicationscannot be done using the other methods because they require apersonal appeal to the audience.


Re-routingto Indonesia, as aforementioned, with no prior information amounts toinfringing into the personal life of the Indonesians. To build anappropriate PR strategy, the team will communicate, engage and woothe local community directly through meetings and direct engagements.The team will have to learn their culture through their language asthe first step and then make inroads to make them understand and alsoexplain the benefits that come with this venture.