Tom Regan and Peter Singer Views on Animal Mistreatment

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TomRegan and Peter Singer Views on Animal Mistreatment

Animalshave been discriminated and treated harshly by human beings. Henceconflicts of interest have arisen concerning the manner in whichanimals are treated. This paper points out how Regan and Singer givetheir views on how animals should be treated.

Bothwriters agree on the issue that animals are facing mistreatment andhuman beings have been taking advantage and exploiting the animalsthat live in the world (Moses 2014). Regan and Singer believe andsupport more ethical treatment of animals. Tentatively, they believethat animals should be treated and be offered rights like what humanbeings enjoy.

Thetwo writers have different opinions, but it is Singer’s perspectivethat sparks an argument from Regan. Singer suggests that creaturesdeserve equal attention in their interests and it is not right toinflict pain and torment an animal (Singer, 2013). In his belief,inspired by the utilitarian view, the primary goal of life would beto capitalise on joy and lessen pain. Singer suggests that decisionsshould be incorporated in a manner that satisfies the greatestinterest (Singer, 2013).

Everyperson has a different perspective on the topic of animal rights.Regan takes a different approach from the utilitarian viewpoint. Heasserts that animals do have value in themselves because they areemotional beings like humans therefore what happens to them matters.Regan urges that animals are living beings that deserve similarrights to life just as the people do deserve life (Regan, Garrett,Nobis, Baril, Simmons, Gardner &amp Bass, 2016). Their opinionsclash as Singer argues that human partiality can at times overshadowthe interest of animals. Regan also contributes further and suggeststhat animals should not be used to benefit people since they possessinherent value (Regan, et al. 2016). The opinions by Regan are notaffiliated to utilitarian view as he advocates for the abolishment ofusing animals for experimental purposes. Utilitarian view points outthat animals ought to be treated with compassion (Ryan, 2015).

Inconclusion, campaigns should be raised on animal ethics and createawareness on the treatment of animals. Though the two writers havedifferent opinions, both agree that animals are facing abuse andhuman beings have been taking advantage and mistreating the animalsthat live in the world.


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