Topic The role of women in the society

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Topic:The role of women in the society

Therole of women in the society is perfectly exemplified and developedby Ibsen’s “A Doll House.” The author uses the main charactersin the story to compound the plight and significant role that womenplay as they stabilize and control the conflicts that are present inthe society. The men are in a vicious circle of problems that haveoriginated from their selfishness and egocentrism, and the women arethe ones who try to control and resolve these conflicts. It is astory of deceit, blackmail and ethical dilemma that has compoundedthe different members of the society characterized by the problemsand methods that are used across the community accordingly.

Thesis:Women sacrifice a lot to ensure that they support their families andwhile facilitating the stability of their homes

Sources:the research will use the book A Doll’s House by Ibsen that has theplay that will be utilized in the research. Examining articles andinformation on analysis of the play used in the research. The use ofYuehua`s work on the gender challeges over ideological power inIbsen’s A Doll’s House will, therefore, be the key source.Holledge article on the phenomenon highlighted on the book by Ibsenwill also be used as a source in the paper to compound and analyzethe underlying aspects that have been emphasized by the author. Thesources will be used to write an argumentatively correct researchpaper on the role of women in the society with a focus on Ibsen’s ADoll’s House as the basis of the study.


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