True Love

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HowI Met My

Mylove story is funny. This is because I met the person I love in justa casual encounter, which I would not have predicted to turn out asit did. It happened while I was walking my dog.I love dogs and I own one, which I always walk one evening during theweekdays and over the weekend. One Saturday, I finished my dutiesaround the house and decided to take my dog out for a walk at thepark while grabbing a snack. I bought two burgers, and soda then wentto the park.

Iarrived at the park, strolled around with my dog and then decided tofind a seat so that I could eat my snacks while playing with my dog.That is when I saw another dog running towards me. My dog’sattention was drawn to that other dog, a brown Chihuahua with whitestripes. They started playing around, and after a minute or two Ispotted, a young woman walking towards me calling the dog &quotRev.&quotIt dawned on me she was the owner of the dog. She was beautiful,with a fascinating smile. She wore rubber shoes, a black short and awhite chiffon top. Her hair was well kempt, and it dropped on thesides of her head.

Shegreeted me and told me her name (Kim) and that she had released herdog’s leash to tie her shoelaces. I invited her for a burger, whichshe declined at first, but I insisted arguing that we should let thedogs have a good time. We started a conversation to know each other,and that was the beginning of a long-life journey. It was outright weliked each other because of the swiftness with which we feltcomfortable together despite being strangers. We exchanged numbersafter a long conversation and set a dog-walking date in two weekslater.