Types of Fractures

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Types of Bone Fractures

The entire anatomy of an individual contains two hundred and sixbones that work together to support the various body activities. Theroles of these bones include but not limited to provide support,allow movement and protection of the internal organs. A fractureresults when these bones are damaged following an application ofexcess pressure on them (Meraz, 2015). This paper gives an analysisof a video that analyzes the different types of bone fractures on abody.

The first type of fracture is known as an incomplete fracture and itresults from falling or a minor injury. The second type is called anextended fracture and it is larger than a minor fracture but smallerthan a complete fracture. A complete structure occurs when a bonebreaks completely into one or more pieces. A complete fracture cantake three forms namely simple, angled and spiral forms. A severefracture occurs as a result of a tragic injury that causes bones tobreak into pieces (Meraz, 2015).

The video is important since it gives a systematic explanation ofdifferent bones, their purpose, possible causes of the fractures andlastly offers solutions to each fracture. It is important for everynurse to learn about bone fractures to encourage more experts infracture treatment. As a nursing student, this video is importantsince it will expand my knowledge in bone structures and fracturesfor my future adventure in the same study.

The video is important to my nursing career in that besides statingdifferent types of structures it gives visual images of varioustypes of bones. In future, I have intentions of specializing inspecific bones as a career. The video is important since it providesmore information that is necessary for helping me make that decision.Personally, I would like to venture in fracture treatment hence morereasons to study and analyze contents of the video.

In conclusion, the wide range of activities done by the communitymembers increases their vulnerability to bone injury. Therefore,possessing sufficient information on treatment of the bone fracturesimproves the welfare of the people by reducing the magnitude ofdamage.


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