Understanding Influence

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Thenursing profession has the fame of meanness. In fact, that isapplicable from the point when one is young. In this case, it is hardto have the thought go away until very late in life. The feeling isreinforced in one of my most-watched series, NurseJackie,where the main character gets the image that one drags personalissues into her career. The film creates the sensation that there arethose who are experienced but do not want to take their part, whilesome are inexperienced and play the main role.

Onthat note, the attitude in this movie is that one where the nurse islazy and exploitative and must use another person to achieve an end.That being said, Jackie gives the nurses the image of someone who iswilling to exploit the others as seen in the case of Zoey Barkow.Despite the depiction made in the film, the fact of the matter isthat nurses do play the main role. According to Hoeve,Jansen, and Roodbol (2014),while they will leave the interns to perform some of the tasks, it isonly as a way of letting them learn how it is done. Even when thathappens, it is under the close supervision of the experienced nurse.The way that the nurses are portrayed in this movie does representthe things that do not happen in real life. However, they have led tonegative perceptions about nursing.

Allin all, despite the image, I still wanted to be in a position where Iwould play an assisting role. There is no better career that I foundmore fulfilling than that of nursing. Most of my friends and familythought that I was wasting my life away, but I had the determinationto get into the career. Now I feel that I have the power where I canhelp people without expecting them to pay back in any way.


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