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Top3 U.S to China exports

&nbsp 1.Oil seed: $14.9 billion

&nbsp 2.Aircraft, spacecraft: $14.6 billion

&nbsp 3.Electronic equipment: $12.4 billion

Source:(World’srichest countries, n.d)

Top3 U. S imports from china

1.Electrical machinery ($133 billion)

2.Machinery ($104 billion)

3.Furniture and bedding ($28 billion)

Source:(The People`s Republic of China, n.d)


Top3 U.S to Mexico exports

&nbsp 1.Machinery: $41.8 billion

&nbsp 2.Electronic equipment: $40.7 billion

&nbsp 3.Vehicles: $21.4 billion

Source:(World’srichest countries, n.d)

Top3 U. S imports from Mexico

1.Vehicles: $75.2 billion

&nbsp 2.Electronic equipment: $62 billion

&nbsp 3.Machinery: $51 billion

Source:(Top 10 US imports from Mexico, n.d)


Top3 Colombia to U.S exports

1.Mineral fuels including oil: $3 billion

&nbsp 2.Machinery: $1.1 billion

&nbsp 3.Cereal, milk preparations: $1.1 billion

Source:(Colombia and the United States, n.d)

Top3 Colombia to U.S imports


2.Fresh-cut flowers and


Source:(Top 10 Colombian Imports from the U.S, n.d)


In2015, China and the United States exchanged goods that were worthabout $659.4 billion. The imports were worth about $497.8 billionwhile the exports totaled to $161.6 billion (The People`s Republic ofChina, n.d). The following companies are involved in the productionof export goods sold to China.

Theoilseed is among the major products that are shipped to China. Themajor players in the industry include ADM Agri-Industries Ltd., BungeOils, and Cargill, Inc. The aircraft and spacecraft components secondthe list of the primary items the United States sells to China. Themain organizations involved in the production of these commoditiesinclude the Boeing Defense, Space &amp Security, Lockheed Martin,and Orbital ATK. Finally, electronic equipment is the third largestgroup of goods exported to the state. The major manufacturers in theU.S include the Hewlett-Packard (HP), Apple, and IBM (Top 10Colombian Imports from the U.S., n.d).

Mexicois a top trading partner with the US where current reports indicatingthe exports totaled about 188 billion dollars. Among the top exportcategories include electrical machinery, vehicles, and mineral fuels.Among the notable exporting companies include Apple, Microsoft, andBoeing Defense. The United States also exports agricultural productssuch as corn, soybeans, beef, and dairy products. The services sectoralso exports travel, transportation, computer software to Mexico. Onimports, the US gets mineral fuels, agricultural products, medicalinstruments, and electrical machinery from Mexico. Pemex is a topMexican company that exports fuel and gas. Other notable exportersinclude Cemex and Grupo Bimbo that exports construction materials andfood products respectively (Officeof the United States Trade Representative, 2017).

Colombiais also a major trade partner of the United States. The top threecommodities the state imports from the U.S include mineral fuels(oils), machinery, and cereal, as well milk preparations. The UnitedStates often purchase crude oil and then refine it into the finalproduct that is used in the vehicles. However, the country has acapacity to make more than it needs. The three top organizationsinvolved in the refining of the fuels include the BP, Chevron, andConocoPhillips. Machinery is the second largest category of goods theU.S supplies to Colombia. According to the Leading machinerymanufacturers in the U.S. in 2015 (2015) source, the major players inthe industry include Caterpillar Inc., Deere &amp Co., and the XeroxCorp. Lastly, the United Sates does also export cereal and milkpreparations. The leading producers of the diets include AbbottNutrition, Annie`s Homegrown, and Atkins Nutritionals (Top 10Colombian Imports from the U.S., n.d).


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