Using Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers

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UsingTest Scores to Evaluate Teachers

ShouldStudent Test Scores be used as Part of Teacher Evaluations?

Teachersare the most significant determinants of the achievements made bytheir students. They have the greatest influence on the performanceof students in test scores. In the modern times, the systems used forevaluation of teachers by supervisors often leave out the role ofteachers in improving student scores. Rather, the assessments havebeen based on the achievements made by the students in the tests theyundertake. Relating the performance of a learner to the effortsapplied by their instructors has been an issue of concern. Somescholars have argued that teacher evaluation should not be based onthe test scores while others have supported this approach. There arechallenges associated with the use of test scores to evaluateteachers. This paper highlights why it is inappropriate to use scoresin teacher evaluation.


Thereare several limitations associated with the use of student testscores in the evaluation of teachers. It is worth noting that studentperformance it not necessarily dependent on the efforts applied bytheir instructors (FairTest, 2014). Performance in test scores isaffected by factors such as learning experience gained out of school,as well as the rate at which the student attends classes (RandEducation, 2012). Out-of-class research, personal studies in thelibrary and interaction with peers determine the score to be attainedby the student. Other factors determining the test scores includeparents’ literary levels, health, and resources of their respectivefamilies. This shows the inappropriateness of using test scores asthe only way to evaluate teachers (Bergin, 2015).

Test-basedevaluations should not be used to measure the performance of teachersbecause they limit the focus on student circumstances. Theevaluations tend to examine the results attained by the studentsrather than the effectiveness of teachers (Porter, 2015). The testscores should also not be used for evaluations since they affect thequality of education negatively. This is because the practical aspectof teaching is ignored and a lot of focus placed on the test results.Consequently, students might give little attention to essentialaspects such as creativity, communication, and problem-solvingskills. Teacher evaluation based on the test scores can bedemoralizing, especially when working in poorly equipped schools.Inadequate resources can contribute to low test scores (Ballou &ampSpringer, 2015).


Itis essential for policymakers to consider the reliability of testscores before using them to evaluate teachers. It is evident that,apart from instructors, other factors have a notable impact onstudent performance. The method is also inadequate since it is notonly teachers who determine the scores attained by a student. Otherstakeholders such as parents, librarians, and school counselors areequally influential.

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